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    Is there a way to edit permalinks in a free hosted ? Thank you.



    Edit them from what to what? You can change post titles, but I don’t think you can change the link itself without deleting and re-posting the post.



    In WordPress (self-hosted), there is a options page to change the permalink from the regular /year/month/day/title/ to for example /archives/postnumber.



    The same option does not exist here at At when you write a post, the title of the post forms part of the link to the post. For example: in the FAQ, there is a post called “Which themes can I add a header image to?”. The Post Slug is what WordPress turns your title into so it becomes part of the url. So with the post above, the title gets turned into this:
    The slug is ‘which-themes-can-i-add-a-header-image-to’
    Normally you do not have to worry about the post slug. There are two circumstances where you might want to change that:
    1. You may prefer a short permalink.
    2. If your language uses a non western characterset then long titles can break permalinks. Shortening the post slug to single word can stop this.

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