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    So doing a search on my website through Google shows a number of pages that i have set up, including 2 random pages which are listed as 4 and 9. when i clicked on these from the google search it took me to 2 different posts that had saved under the permalink but just with a date no other detail about the post. These seem to be coming above other pages i would prefer to show in the google results. So i went in a deleted the post as they were older ones and now the google seach still lists those links but when i click on them it says pages do not exist which is what i would expect having deleting them. However what i want to be able to do is get rid of those 4 & 9 pages that area in search and have my other relevent pages.
    The above will make more sense if you google my blog as – “World Sports Boats” you will see the random 4 & 9 displayed which were the posted i deleted but would like to remove all together and replace with other pages such as ILBC etc
    Any help would be great appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Take note that Google only clears their caches every 3 – 6 months. By deleting the pages that were indexed you created “404” page not found error messages. Whenever a person using Google search gets those pages returned in the SERPs and clicks one of those links they will get a 404. The only thing you can do now is go into your Google webmasters account and use the URL removal tool. It’s Google’s staff’s discretion as to whether or not they choose to remove the URLs from the cache before they would normally be cleared. This may help > How to remove data from Google’s cache


    Many thanks for your help



    You’re welcome but best wishes.


    Hi Timetheif,

    Just had a thought, could i add a redirect from the link so it goes to my homepage instead?

    So the page link is

    Would i be able to do this on the platform?

    thanks in advance for your help



    I think the only way to do that would be to recreate the pages/posts and back-dating them and making sure the permalinks were identical to your old ones, then you could place a link on the individual posts/pages that could lead your visitor wherever you wished to send them.

    We don’t have access to the part of wordpress that generates the 404 error message, as you would be able to do if you had a self-hosted blog or other website.

    I am not crazy about the idea of creating those pages again, simply because they will still be found by the search engines & indexed, so you’d be stuck with them forever. I think that timethief’s advice to be patient & wait for the search engines’ caches to clear would be better.


    Ok, I will just add a post back to that link and await google to pick up on the other main pages.

    Funny though having my pages appear in google search and then a random cached title 4 and 9 that are random posts that i did a while ago.

    I guess when i created them the links saved incorrectly or something as they seem to be only saved as my blogsite and date but no discription.

    Any way thanks for your help


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