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  1. I just added a personal URL to my blog. Everything was working fine...When I type in my url it works, they new feed (and old feed) both work in bloglines.


    I just noticed when I click on the "title" of my blog post or the archive folders...It sends me to this page: error 404.

    Can anyone help?

  2. @chrismarlow
    This is your url and you cannot change it
    Note there is no "www" and if there was 30% of those using the web, not to mention some search engine spiders could not find your blog. :)

  3. TT, no. In their case, it's fine because they only have the three names in there, not four.

    They did forget the com though. I'll go ahead and fix that.

    But the links work for me. Maybe if the poster game a specific example...

    Are you getting a browser 404 or one wrapped by the wordpress theme?

  4. @drmike
    {So I'm at sexes and sevens over threes and fours, eh} noted
    P.S. I'm not getting a 404 now that you repaired the link.

  5. That's nice but I need the poster to tell us what they're getting. :)

  6. I am getting a similar thing with my Techorati listings. Since I changed over from to, almost every post is headed by "Permalink". You can see what I mean here: Is there a way to get the correct headings shown with the new address?



  7. It's the theme you're using. IIRC, the title tag of the permalink is hardcoded to "permalink."

    The last time it came up here, the questioner got mad at us when we told him that we here in teh forums ourselves couldn't fix it and had to send in a feedback.

    Either send in a feedback and ask that it be looked at or change themes.

  8. Feedback functions are shut down on the weekends. Please send your feedback in on Monday.

  9. Thanks guys for the answers. I'm glad to know what it is. I'll send in feedback tomorrow and take it from there.



  10. Gotta admit that I'm surprised it's still like that. I could have sworn that I sent in a feedback anyway pointing out the issue.

    I think I sent the designer and the porter one as well.

  11. Just sent in a feedback (they were off yesterday) and left the author know too. We'll see how it goes...


  12. Thanks for getting back to us on that. :)

  13. Apparently, do not edit themes themselves so I got no joy on this, even after pointing out that I thought that an incompatibility with Technorati made the theme (Andreas04) less than fit for purpose. I suppose that I'll have to change theme then, a pity because I like Andreas04. I'll check for this title attribute hardcoding with any new theme that I use...

  14. Strange, they have in the past when we've noted an issue...

  15. I have the same issue with andreas04... in technorati every one of my posts comes up titled "Permalink" as a result which is less than ideal. How can this be fixed?

  16. I'm not sure if this will help you or not. But if you're considering changing themes engtech has done reviews of the themes on their features and on their known bugs

  17. scanlyze, we've discussed it a couple posts up. The issue is with the theme in question. We need to get staff to fix the issue. Please send ina feedback and ask staff to fix it.

    It's always helpful to read the thread that you post in as well.

    We still haven't heard back from Chris yet though.


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