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  1. Looking for information on how to customize permalinks. I have seen several tutorials that show a permalinks link under settings on the dashboard. I do not have that. Seems that much of the wordpress info on the internet is outdated and I have trouble finding current info. Please help. Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Permalinks cannot be changed or customized at wordpress.COM.

  3. @kaablueii
    I have noticed much of the information on the internet about "wordpress" actually pertains to wordpress.ORG and not necessarily to wordpress.COM (ie. wpMU - multi-user blogging platform). I think you may benefit from reading this entry

  4. I also have wordpress installed on my computer on WAMP for learning and development purposes. Is permalinks a plugin or what? The tutorial that I viewed showed is in the settings on the dashboard. I am having a real problem learning some of this stuff as much needed info seems to be left our everywhere. I am planning on using wordpress to place sites with an outside host and am seeking info that applies to that.


  5. @kaablueii
    This is the support forum for those with wordpress.COM blogs only. We cannot alter our permalinks on the software here. The support forum for wordpress.ORG installs is found here http://wordpress.ORG/support

  6. Go to your dashbord => settings => permalinks and change the way permalinks look like, speaking of of course.

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