Permalinks and Comments not working!

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    Hey everybody! My blog is at the following URL:

    Unfortunately, I have some big problems (but I think they are all probably related). If anyone can help me with this, I would be so appreciative!

    1. PERMALINKS — When you click on the specific permalink for each entry, you are directed to the “Contact” page. I have no idea why!

    2. UPDATES — When I update with new entries, my Twitter account shows the link to the new entry as also being my Contact page! To be precise, it shows something like this:

    New Post: Children: Playing Accordions

    Why is this? I would just like my Twitter account to show either the index URL ( or, ideally, the permalink (if I can get it to work!!).

    3. COMMENTS — To me, this is actually the biggest issue. People can’t comment on my blog entries. It just shows a comment count as “0” (zero), which is unclickable — and, of course, the permalinks don’t work, so that can’t be a secondary way of maybe getting to a comment form.

    I feel bad burdening this forum with my questions! I know I have a lot of problems that need to be resolved. But I feel like there is maybe one big problem — perhaps with the PHP — that is directing everything to my contact page rather than creating permalinks and forms for comments. And maybe, if someone has any expertise or insights, they can chime in :)

    I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!



    Nevermind! I fixed the permalink problem.

    One small thing — people can now comment by clicking on the blog title, thereby accessing the permalink, which has a comment form. But I would like for people to reach a “comment” link directly on my main page, too. Any suggestions?


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