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Permalinks and Converting from to

  1. I'm thinking of converting my existing blog to a blog and I have a question about permalinks. Note that if I do convert from to, I will purchase the custom domain option so that I can keep my existing domain name/URL.

    On my blog, the permalink structure is simply the post name. However, in I don't see a way to set up permalinks so that they are the post name. Is there a way to do this so that links to existing posts will continue to work? If not, is there a way within to set up redirects so that the old links will work?

  2. You can't change the Permalinks nor can you do redirects.

    The only option I can think of is change the Permalinks on your site and if necessary use some sort of redirect Plug-in for a few months to help train the search engines where your new content is.

  3. Thanks auxclass -- I had a feeling that was the case. I'll see what I can do on my existing blog and may have to reconsider switching to

  4. You be welcome

  5. Thanks for this post BTW. I have a similar issue (used year + month but not day number in my permalinks scheme). staff: If you're listening, this is a barrier to conversion.

  6. Hey, just discovered this. I have a personal blog on If you omit part of the date from the url but the post slug (the URL-ized part of the title) matches, it will redirect to the "correct" URL.

    Go to:

    Browser redirects to:

    IMHO that solves my problem. No longer a barrier to conversion. (And I'm back to seriously considering it...)

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  8. Oops. Should have checked the URL before making it up. My post was intended to be an example of URL auto-redirection working as previously requested, not a link to a specific site.

  9. gottcha! lol :D

  10. Existing links will continue to work, even after the change, is my understanding. has always had a variety of permalinks.

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