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Permalinks causing invalid activation key error

  1. Yesterday there was an issue where all permalinks were redirected to our signup page. We identified and stopped the bug from affecting new sites. Affected blogs still need to be fixed individually.

    We are currently working on a script to fix all affected blogs and will update this thread when things are fixed.

    Thanks for your patience as we sort this all out!

  2. All blogs should now be fixed.

    Edit: if you're still seeing any problems, please try clearing your browser cache. If that doesn't help, feel free to post here.

  3. Greetings,
    my blog has been affected by the invalid activation key bug, the problem seems to have been fixed and the links are now fine. But i'm still facing a problem: copying the blog's address on Facebook (i prefer doing it manually in stead of connecting the pages) gets the wrong preview, heading to a generic WordPress page with the old bugged address (
    Just to clarify a bit more.
    If i copy:
    on Facebook to post my blog, I get this preview instead of the actual blog:
    About Us • Terms of Service • Privacy • Follow us on Facebook • @wordpressdotcom on Twitter An Automattic Opus"

    Is there anything i shall do to fix this? Is it a wordpress-side problem and needs further fixing ot it's just a metter of time to allow facebook to catch up with the right blog links?
    Thanks in advance for any help you'll provide.
    Kind regards.

    The blog I need help with is

  4. Further info: I asked a couple of friends (who have never been on the blog) to check if they get the same wrong preview and they have both seen the generic signup.wordpress etc. etc.

  5. I have lost my entire blog entry . I kept trying to publish and it give me an "invalid request" error. When I refreshed the entry blog vanished :(! Please Help ..How do I get my blog back.

  6. The root for permalinks on my blog is still Please advise. Thanks-

  7. I try to add permalinks to my sticky post images but it when the image is clicked it won't redirect to the linked website.

  8. @yanvas Facebook preview may not update that fast. Along with Google, previews are updated appox. every 5-10 days on both Google and Facebook!

    Need help YOUR WAY? ASK me your question today!

  9. @gregorybooma - thanks for mentioning this. We've found a few more blogs that needs to be fixed, and are processing those now.

  10. Thanks a lot megacolby :)

  11. A few more blogs have been fixed.
    Anyone still encountering problems with permalinks been redirect to wrong urls, please post here.

  12. Hi, This problem is also affecting my site:

    Clicking on all of the permalinks redirects to the signup page such as:

  13. Whenever I try to hyperlink text, when I click "add" in the popup it redirects me to the posts page, and it doesn't work. I lost my post a couple of times before I started saving the draft aggressively after every word. I still can't add hyperlinks to any text in my latest blog post.

    Also, I can't add tags. I enter a word for a tag in the edit, and when I click Add nothing happens.

    I figure this is related to stuff in this thread, so I'm posting here. Thanks!

  14. My permalinks are redirecting to a different blog on my account.

    If you go to you'll see that each post leads to Any ideas?

  15. hellokimchi2012

    Hi, my permalinks are also not working and redirecting me to my dashboard. I have cleared my cache and the problem is still occurring. Please help.

  16. hellokimchi2012, your posts seem to be working for me.

    Don't think my posts work still though, I've cleared the cache and everything. I've posted this on a few different posts but no-one is helping me... Any ideas?

  17. joeyandkaytie and paulbfowler, sorry about that! We're looking into it.

    hellokimchi2012, your blog seems to be just fine.

    supportdewhurst, that is a separate issue. Would you please open a new thread?

  18. joeyandkaytie and paulbfowler, you're both fixed up now.

  19. dressedinfashion

    Hi, I have a sort of similar problem. I cannot see my blog in "My Blogs" section - the only visible option is Create a New Blog. I can log in to dashnoard via url/wp-admin, but cannot get in from the main menu. Coffeemanmatt mentioned that same should be fixed within hours, however that was last Wednesday. Any help would be much appreciated.

  20. That sounds like a completely different problem, not at all related to permalinks going to the signup page or a different blog.

    Would you please return to your original thread?

  21. Mine is still having this problem. Can you please check out my blog?

    Please? I want to do another giveaway when I get back from Germany.

  22. Everything is just fine at

    Please try clearing your browser's cache:

  23. Hi, we're getting this problem too. Can you help us resolve this? Here's our page -

  24. You're all fixed up now. Sorry about that!

  25. Hello,

    I had been using sticky posts with URL links and it was working fine.

    Now if I had an image with an external URL it automatically redirects to the location of the image and not the external link.


  26. braunermattson

    I am also having a problem with an "invalid request" message when I try to post a photo.

  27. Hi...I can't publish to my blog, "outdoors Texas" as I am getting "invalid request" messages. I understand you can correct the problem for me.


  28. Can't post a photo either without getting the "invalid request" message. What gives? This is annoying.

  29. I do not have the same problem people mentioned above. But sometimes I get an error uploading pictures with the default uploader. Simple uploader is working fine.

  30. The above are all separate issues. Would you please start your own threads?

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