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Permalinks have disappeared

  1. I can't believe this happened, but it did.

    I wanted to collect three permalinks to send to someone. When I went to pick up the third, they were all gone.

    I have reloaded, logged in again, and so on, but still no permalinks.

    How odd?

    Appreciate advice on this one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Exactly which permalinks are you referring to please.
    Posts? Pages?
    Provide examples please.

  3. Hi Timethief,

    That was very quick!

    When reading the blog, at the end of the posts, alongside the Facebook, "Twitter", "Posted in", "Leave a commnent and "Edit" (edit button for the owner only that is).

  4. I can't believe it again. They've come back.

    I did find I was editing a document in the dashboard on my laptop, but would that have affected every document?

  5. Hmmm ...what a mystery. I see permalinks where you describe. Also note that every post and page title is a permalink, so what you point to is a redundant permalink link.

  6. Thanks for that information.

    I'm not quite sure why "redundant permalink links"?

  7. I was pointing out that even if the permalink in the location you pointed to was removed it would not matter. It's redundant as the URL for every post and page title is a permalink.

  8. Thank you.

    I didn't even know what a permalink was but I saw somewhere someone said that it's internet etiquette to send someone a permalink rather than the URL?

  9. They are synonyms.
    Example: I click the title link on your latest post and here's the URL or permalink
    I scroll down to the metadata area you pointed to and here's the same URL or permalink

  10. A more elegant link and properly formatted link is is this one:
    <a href="">A billion is big – but how big?</a>

    It appears as this: A billion is big – but how big?

  11. Well you know I'm going to ask how did you get that, please?!

  12. She knows how to edit HTML. It's just like another language.

    Eons ago, when websites were poorly designed, permalinks and URLs could be different. They still are different, on Blogspot. They are the same on blogs. This is not something you have to worry about.

  13. Thank you. I have used HMTL previously and it's logical and at least for simple commands it is quite easy. At least that is until they changed it! Aghrrrr!

    Still that looks fairly straightforward and it does look better.

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