Permalinks Not Working for Hierarchy

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    I tried to change my urls on my wordpress from the default to “/%postname%/”, but when I did this, the blog posts and pages all disappeared. It gave me the error message saying the pages/posts didn’t exist.

    What’s wrong?



    This was answered in the first thread you started:


    Hmm, I was asking a different question. :P I changed the permalink structure, but it’s not linking to the pages/posts. How do I activate post slugs?


    From the format of the URL’s for permalinks you showed in the other thread, I would suspect the blog you are talking about is self-hosted using the software downloaded from since that is not the form found here at

    The format here is: or similar. If you are asking about a self-hosted blog, any answers we would give you here will not really be correct. With the software from you can choose the format of your permalinks, and the default is what you indicated in the other post.

    Your blog here only has one post, and the permalink format is as I described above.

    If you are talking about a self-hosted blog you need to ask over at to get the right answer.


    Ohhh, my bad. :P


    Not a problem and happy blogging.

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