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    Hi! I’ve been working on my blog all day today, trying to browse the several forum posts on permalinks and other pages etc. I still have not been successful in getting them to do what I want. My site is,

    I need to make it so each post is /%PostName%.htm.

    Right now, as you can see, if you click any of the links it sends you to a generic 404 page. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. currently using apache2 webserver, and the site is run as a virtual host (2 other sites are run on the same machine).

    It seems like the server isn’t processing the .htaccess file. any help would be appreciated!




    Unfortunately, these support forums are specifically for the blogs hosted here at, especially since we run a different code base than the one you download from For those blogs hosted elsewhere, we ask that you direct your questions to the correct forum.

    My guess though is that you forgot to modify your htaccess file. You may want to do a search for permalinks before posting as I’m sure that this quesion has been covered many times in the past.

    Good luck,

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