Permalinks of some posts are "wrong"

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    I’ve noticed that, even after I change the title of a post, the permalink remains worded exactly the same. (I.e., the final “extension” — if that’s what it’s called — remains the same as before. I changed the Title of a post from “Type Cast iv” to “Type Cast”, but the permalink still ends in “type-cast-iv”. This can be confusing or misleading to those seeing or receiving that link; it is also confusing me as to the actual whereabouts of each post. Stranger still, after creating the post “Type Cast”, WordPress generated a permalink for it that ended with “first-report-card”, which are words appearing within one image that’s far down in the post.)

    Is there a way to edit/alter/correct that part of a permalink?


    The blog I need help with is



    Every time you muck with a title and change anything in it at all you are breaking a link. if that post has been indexed by search engines then you are creating 404 (page not found) errors.
    The post/page slug is the part of the URL between the last two forward slashes. You can modify the post/page slug by clicking the Edit button next to it and shortening it.


    Yes, I’ve known how to do that in other contexts. Just didn’t realize that the Edit button right next to the permalink was specifically for editing that.

    Thanks again.



    You’re welcome but do know that changing URLs after they have been indexed by Google and other search engines is not wise. I avoid creating 404 pages.



    When I change the title of a published post, but don’t change the permalink, will that create 404 errors?

    Sometimes I publish a post with a short title so the permalink will be short, and then go and edit the title to be the full length I planned for it. Is this a mistake???

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