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    We recently converted over from a free WordPress blog to a paid version but when we tried to update the Permalinks link structure we could not find the Permalinks panel location. We read the on-line tutorials ( and tried to follow the instructions but we did not have the options that are detailed.

    Upon going to the user profile we also noticed that it still says company_name.­wordpress.­com as the primary blog with no option in the drop down to change this.

    Could that be the reason or can anyone offer suggestions on how we can resolve this issue so that we can customized the Permalinks for our blog?

    Thank you.



    You did not provide a link to your blog so we can’t fully answer your question, however no option on WordPress.COM allows the Permalink structure to be changed.

    The link you have is to WordPress.ORG not here.

    For more on the difference:


    The link to the blog is



    The permalink structure on free hosted blogs like the one you posted the link to cannot be changed. There is no upgrade you can purchase from that allows you to change permanent structure. Also the codex only applies to self hoeste installs.


    Maybe we misunderstood but the blog is not free as we paid for hosting and mapped it to a domain name.

    Is it still considered a free blog ?



    Yes of course it is a free blog that’s being free hosted by All you purchased was a domain name and domain mapping and that’s what you got and nothing more as nothing else changes. Please read all of this:
    Important Notes Before Upgrading section >

    If you require what only a self hosted site provides then you can hire a web host and move your content into it and update the nameservers to point your domain to the new self hosted site. vs The Differences
    moving a blog
    updating nameservers



    oops! I’m so sorry I accidentally left a strong tag open above.
    domain management – updating nameservers


    OK because we bought hosting from WordPress so we thought it was a paid blog.

    Thank you for the reply and feedback :)



    I do know whereof I speak as my own blogs are free blogs being free hosted by and they have domain mapping upgrades. Moreover, the support documentation I linked to above is very clear.

    You did not buy hosting from You got a free blog and free hosting as we all do. Then you purchased a domain name and domain mapping and that’s what you got.

    Permalink structure cannot be changed on free hosted blogs. If you want to be able to change permalink structure you must hire a web host and set up a install as I explained above.


    We paid 17 dollars for mapping and domain name but also 90 plus dollars for hosting.
    We paid 90 plus for 10GB of space and a few other options so we were under the impression that it was hosting.



    but also 90 plus dollars for hosting

    These are all the available upgrades at

    None of those upgrades include one for paid hosting. The only blogs that are on paid hosting here are VIP blogs.

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