Permalinks, Sidebar, and Sticky Posts

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    I have noticed that when going to my blog via a permalink for a post, the sidebar is not visible. I worry that some viewers may miss information by not clicking on the menu options at the top. If I used a sticky post as a welcome statement, would it appear with a permalinked post? Or do you have any suggestions for making the sidebar visible all the time?

    The blog I need help with is



    The older themes have sidebars on every page but many of the bewer ones don’t or provide options for displaying them. You are using the Twenty Eleven theme and that’s a feature of the theme ie. there will be no sidebar displayed when posts are viewed on their own pages. Note that we cannot edit themes or templates and chnage how any theme functions here at To understand how that theme is designed to operate please read this article. Yes sticky posts are permalinked posts.



    In other words, switch to a different theme.

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