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    Hi! Can please somebody help me with a probable blind spot of mine. I would like to have links from other posts of mine to comments in my blog ( –for example so that they open in new windows– but I cannot find how to link to those comments. This would be also useful in the same post –for example to keep the post text compact and link to comments of the same post to explain words or ideas. Are there such permalinks to each of the comments?



    I tried the same theme on my test blog & the theme doesn’t offer
    the option for you to attain a parmalink for comments.

    I suggest checking out other themes by going to
    dashboard -> Design

    I’m pretty sure you’ll find a theme that will offer this option.



    Thanks, but I have to stick for a while to this theme (it just went public). I must then find another way… Dedicated pages probably? A CSS expansion?

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