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    II want to use permalinks to not only link back to the post, but have the post appear on my home/main page so that all of my other links and resources are there as well. Is this possible? Currently, the link only shows the post by itself.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m really not sure what you mean: are you asking to have every post of yours link to every other post? Could you clarify?



    When using the permalink, it only shows the post. I want the person to see that post as if they went to the homepage. Right now, the homepage only displays the most recent post.


    You have your blog set to only show one post per page. To change the number of posts that show on pages, go to settings > reading and increase the number. My suggestion is to not go more than 10 since there are still a good number of people using dial up and slower DSL connections and they will appreciate it.



    I did as you suggested and that did not resolve the issue. I am writing another blog article and I want to place a link to an older post of mine. When i click on the link to said post, it only shows as a post by itself. I want to have it show up on my home page as it were the only post. How can I do this?


    You cannot do that since where that post will be within the complete list of posts will change with each post made since they are chronological. In other words, this week a certain post may be with other posts on but three weeks from now it may be on . In other words, a link to where a post resides on the main blog pages is NOT a permalink because it will always be changing. The only “perma(nent)link will be to the single-post page for a particular post.



    Ok. I thought it could be done based on the link being by date and post title not page .number. Such as:

    That is an actual post permalink. I had been to some others’ blogs and their post showed up on the home page. Is this something that can be done if I get wp[.org and hosting service?


    Not out of the box it cannot. How good are you with PHP scripting? Are you familiar with all the security issues and practices when using PHP scripting so that you don’t open your blog up to crackers? How familiar are you with working with MySQL databases and all the security issues and practices involved with that?

    To not create a playground for crackers and digital gutter dwellers takes a good level of understanding and experience.


    BTW, can you give me a link to an example of what you want?



    I do not have that kind of expertise. Thanks for your help. I will leave it as is “)



    after 3 days, the server may does the magic for you. I never managed to do what you want to do myself, but it automatically done by the server.

    anyway, good luck and be patient.

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