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Permanent error

  1. I have error in MistyLook.
    During editing post, i have no tools for format, colors.
    Ther are errors during switching between visual and text view, in visual sametimes i cant manage cursor.
    On Mozilla 13.0.1
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Upgrade to Mozilla 14 and try again.

  3. I will try .
    But the same error is in chrome. There is no second line of tools.
    But on Kameleon I see second line but I cant set focus in filed for post, only title I can edit.
    Somebody must fix this bugs.
    Earlier I worked on old version of Firefox and everything was ok.

  4. If it works in other browsers it's not a bug ;)

    On the first line of tools, click the last button and tell me if you then get a second line of tools.

  5. Thank you. Thow/hide Kitchen Sink. Ha ha ha !!!

  6. :) That last reply is awesome.

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