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Permanent Single Space

  1. My blog page will eventually list all my CDs, books, movies, etc. Each item is on its own line. The whole blog will be a list of single-spaced lines in alphabetized sections.

    I understand from researching this issue in the forums that the usual response is that hitting SHIFT-ENTER will give me a single space after a line (whereas ENTER double-spaces). This works well when I am entering new data.

    However, my issue is that if I buy a new item, and I enter it into the existing list on its own line, an extra space is created and I then have to SHIFT-ENTER every line underneath it to tighten everything up again. As my list grows, this will not be practical as it is time-consuming and frustrating.

    Is there a way to permanently make my blog universally single-spaced, so that entering a new item into the middle of the list will not displace everything? Perhaps there's a theme with this built into it?

    I am not at all savvy at HTML or coding, so I do hope there's a simple solution. Maybe a setting to be changed, somewhere?

    If anyone has any advice, I'd be grateful to hear it!

    Thanks everyone, Aaron

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Aaron - Hmm, you could try using the preformatted option, as described here:

    Some of the other tips in that article might be helpful and you might also check out this post:

  3. Thanks you, eurello, for your advice! I am not so confident with coding, but I found the tab for text editing, and am thinking I can maybe just cut and paste the code to top and bottom of the relevant posts, see what happens? Will advise if this was successful.

    Cheers, Aaron

  4. I just tried some single space stuff on my test blog - and if I did "Shift-Enter" then just a single open line was created - no extra spaces

    sometimes when a line is long and word wrap comes into play it takes two shift-enters or just plain enter/return to open up a blank line depending on what I want to do

  5. Thanks eurello, it worked! I had to change the font size from the example from 16 to 12 or the lines would be to long, and I will have to go back now and delete all the extra spaces between lines (small task if it's the last time I have to do it. But otherwise it seems to have done the trick! Thanks so much!

    I've already done the #, A and B sections and they look just like I wanted.

    Also, thanks to auxclass, I see what you're saying about word wrap. My main concern was if I added a new line in the middle of a section, it threw everything below it out of whack and I had to re-SHIFT+ENTER all those lines back into order every time. This coding (at eurello's first link) encloses the whole list, so everything with in it acts as single-spaced. Perfect!

  6. You be welcome - the pre-formatted text I use a from time to time (this week actually when Posting to a friends blog a bit of a table for battery testing)

    Good luck with your lists

  7. Another discovery:

    I was able to simply delete the

    from the front and back ends of the coding, thus eliminating the gigantic quotation mark at the top of the section that changed the text margin and shoved everything over to the right so it could fit (thus making each lindividual line space shorter). It all still works just fine, and now the lines have more room!

  8. Sorry, that should read I was able to delete the blockquote portion from the coding. When I added the full <> marks it didn't appear in the comment, for some reason. Ah well.

  9. Hi there - Awesome, I'm glad you've figured this out! And thanks for writing back and confirming what you did; that will help other users in future who are trying to do the same thing. :)

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