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Permantely deleted files are not deleted

  1. I have uploaded .pdf files to the media library on my blog. From time to time I need to update info that appears on these files. I try to delete them permanently, but when I upload a new file with the same name, a number is added meaning the old file is still there somewhere and the new file name modified by you to distinguish from what was NOT permanently deleted. What is the work around for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please let me know the URLs of the files you need permanently deleted and I can have them removed from our cache.

  3. Here's the rub; I'm not sure what they are. When I go to my media library for the site identified as, the URL at the top is

    When I go to edit the page where I have several .pdf files identified and findable by someone on my site, if they go to one of them, they find this:

    Note that the .pdf file name has the number 3 affixed to it. Even though I permanently deleted the original, and the one that later showed up with the number 2, clearly they are still there since when I uploaded my new version of FA ExecSummary.pdf, your system added a 3 to the file name. This is creating problems for me since there are people all over trying to follow what I present and without specific instructions, they can only look at the old one.

    Also, mdcaptives was the domain name used when this blog was started. It is no longer valid with benefitsfordocs being the operative name for this site. Is there any way to modify this?

    Your thoughts please on how to remedy this. Thanks.

  4. The way the Media Libary works is that files are cached on our servers for a while after deletion in the Media Library, so subsequent uploads with the same file name get a sequential number appended to the end. Files are never overwritten.

    The upload year and month also form part of the path to the document. For example, this URL indicates that the file was uploaded in February 2013:

    Here are suggestions:

    1) Instead of giving out direct links to a PDF, create a page with a link to the download, and point people there. That way, you can modify the link to the file whenever you revise it and upload a new version, and folks will always be downloading the latest one.

    2) Let us know the URLs of the files you would like us to permanently delete from the server. This method is best for occasional needs only.

    Also, mdcaptives was the domain name used when this blog was started. It is no longer valid with benefitsfordocs being the operative name for this site. Is there any way to modify this?

    If you want to change the "mdcaptives" part of your address to something else, you can follow the instructions for changing a blog address

    Let us know if you need anything else.

  5. Thanks very much. Two more questions come to mind.

    If I set up a page and direct people to the page, then the link never reveals the "mdcaptives" part that I referenced above. If thats the case, then there is no reason to change the blog address.

    On the other hand, if I do change the blog address, it seems it only relates to those .pdf files, for which I've done the work around you suggested, since I have a domain name mapped to wordpress and the active URL doesn't have wordpress or "mdcaptives" in it anyway.

    Am I thinking this through corretly?

  6. Hi Tony, in some browsers, users may see the part (i.e. of your site's address when putting their cursor over or downloading a PDF or other file uploaded to your media library. This will be the case even if you map a custom domain name to the site.

    Just me know if this answers your questions.

  7. Yes, I think so. Thank you. In my perfect world, revised files with the same name would simply replace an earlier version, meaning that someone looking at an old email with an active link would simply find the updated version and not the old one in your cache. If it can't be done, it can't be done. Thanks for helping me understand.

  8. It would be possible to keep the old links working if you followed this process:

    1. First change your site address using our guide. When going through the steps, select the option to keep your old site address, and not delete it. Keep the same username as well.

    2. Purchase a site redirect, log into the original site at your old address, and purchase a
    Site Redirect upgrade.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know.

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