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    For some reason, when ever i click on my profile (Despite being logged in), it says: is marked private by its owner. You can:
    Request access to view the site. We’ll send your username to the site owner for their approval.
    Log out and sign in as different user. You’re logged in as ‘dramapandaa’.
    Learn about privacy settings.

    I don’t have permission to view my own profile? I’m a little confused… It’s the same when i’m on my admin control panel, when i go to click on stats i get the same message.

    Has anyone else had this problem before??

    The blog I need help with is


    It was happening large scale, there was like 20 feeds with the same issue. I had it too.

    It’s now working again so you should be good.

    Have a great weekend.



    This is all fixed up now, sorry about that!



    Oh that’s a relief! :-)

    Thank you for sorting out the problem WordPress Engineer’s & you Tranvelingwarrior for your input. I’m glad the problems sorted now.

    – Dramapandaa.



    You’re welcome!

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