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Permission to Reincarnate?

  1. When I read this story, I couldn't help it but laugh outloud.

  2. Taking totalitarianism to its logical conclusions...

  3. Veddy interesting. May I have permission from both You and China to post it in my blog?

  4. If one day, you happen to find out the truth that you keep living after your body's death, I am pretty sure you won't be laughing so outloud if you suddenly find out that you are not allowed anymore to go wherever you please. :-)

  5. Well, I guess I'll find out when I die. Then, if my government doesn't allow my soul to go wherever it pleases, then I'll try to remember you and say: hey, millaq was right. But if otherwise, I'll laugh even louder.

  6. LOL!!! You're 100% right. And yes, sooner or later you'll find out, my friend. ;-)

  7. Well, I hope is later. I still want to do a lot of things in this life before going to the next. I mean, just in case my government locks my soul up in a ghost busters-like chamber or something.

  8. I'm not wishing you dead! I meant, you don't need to actually die to find out... Death is the deadline to finding out, though. ;)

  9. Only a malevolent god would force us back here.

  10. There you go!

  11. Well, going back on topic, I find it stupid that a government wants to regulate whether a soul can reincarnate or not.

  12. (wave to judy) Yes it's taking totalitarianism to logical ends and (wave to devblog) yes it's utterly stupid.

  13. devblog it would be stupid, utterly, as TT says. It's just that it is not exactly that. The China Administration for Religious Affairs must know that they can't do that in China, much less in Tibet... And they are "just" attempting tu regulate where is the next Dalai Lama expected (and allowed) to reincarnate. And the where was of course in China only, in a specific temple, just one temple, very whithin their reach. Now it doesn't sound stupid, but... what, scary? I wrote a post on this subject a couple of weeks ago, you can find it here, if you happen to read some Spanish...

  14. Millaq,

    Thanks for the link. It's very interesting. Yes, reading Spanish is a cinch for me, and that article explained a lot.

    See, the problem here, at least for me, is how things are being said. Something like:

    And they are "just" attempting to regulate where is the next Dalai Lama expected (and allowed) to reincarnate.

    To me is like saying: "Raining is not allowed from Monday through Thursday" See my point?

    I always had the idea that reincarnation takes place at conception. But if I comprehend your article well, reincarnation happens when the person has already been born and is of a certain age; in other words, the child awakens. I say this based on the following:

    así, cuando se encuentra una reencarnación potencial, el niño usualmente puede recordar lo que hizo en su existencia anterior, sus propias enseñanzas y también puede identificar sus viejas posesiones. (For those who don't read Spanish, the translation is somethig like: "so, when a potential reincarnation is found, the child can usually remember what he did in his previous life, his own teachings and he can identify his old possessions as well").

    If this is so, then the monks and the family, because of the new law, would have to conceal his existence in order to avoid punishment or something like that IF such 'reincarnation' happens where prohibited. Am I correct?

    I find this topic very interesting. But I can't continue tonight. My eyes are very irritated and I can barely keep them open. I guess it's because of lack of sleep.

  15. I frankly hope he comes back as a ghost, the way the Irish do, and haunts the living daylights out of the bureaucrats who made this law.

  16. devblog, I got your point on the rain analogy. :-)

    I don't know if there are certain "rules and procedures" about this, but as far as I do know, the spirit (what the person really IS) takes over its new body close to the birth, few seconds or minutes after, I guess. Birth is a very painful and uncomfortable experience and I am pretty sure no one wants to be "inside" a body while that torture is taking place (unless there are many people –spirits– waiting for the same body, in that case, I guess one needs to act fast.... lol).

    The paragraph that confused you really means that in Tibetan tradition the reincarnation of a Living Buddha (it's not only the Dalai Lama, but many Senior Lamas) is considered "potential" until it is officially validated and confirmed by the Lamas in charge. And for this to happen, the spirit needs to be able to communicate with these monks through a body, because some tests are run on the "candidates". This means that some 2 years need to go by after the actual reincarnation, so he/she is able to speak. That's why I say a child. The monks usually work with a number of candidates and they go "discarding" (ruling-out? not sure of the right English word, sorry) until they are very sure they've found the one.

    What is going to happen with these Living Buddhas? The Dalai Lama, himself at least on his website's FAQ states that:

    If the present situation regarding Tibet remains the same, I will be born outside Tibet away from the control of the Chinese authorities. This is logical. The very purpose of a reincarnation is to continue the unfinished work of the previous incarnation. Thus if the Tibetan situation still remains unsolved it is logical I will be born in exile to continue my unfinished work. Of course the Chinese will still choose their own “Dalai Lama" and we Tibetans will choose our own according to tradition. It will be similar to the present situation of the Panchen Lama. There is a Chinese-appointed “Panchen Lama" and there is the Panchen Lama chosen by me. One is paraded to serve its master’s purposes and the other is the Panchen Lama accepted in the hearts of all the Tibetans.

    So hopeful it won't be a need of hiding babies in china, like in King Herod's times...

    rain, I hope something like that too. And considering the man's playful character, it wouldn't be completely unlikely to happen! (I know that one was not right English, sorry again). However, usually what governments are afraid to death of are "ghosts" WITH bodies (like yourself, myself and everybody else) that can communicate their ideas to others and create some interesting things in groups, societies, even Mankind. :-)

  17. OMG, there are still too many mistakes! :-( 10 min of editing time aren't enough for non-English spoken people (on long comments at least).... Sorry guys.

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