Persistent problem: Dashboard pages not loading right

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    Hi, this is an urgent followup.
    I while ago I posted “Another Automattic Mess” about WP Dashboard refusing to load. For a moment, I thought the problem was close to being solved, and for one day some pages appeared to load.
    But the problem has NOT gone away, and grown only worse. And I get the impression that the good Automattic people are not taking this seriously, very much like a while ago when a page construct that worked for American users, did not work for users in Europe.
    Several WP Dashboard pages refuse to load correctly in ANY ONE of the browsers I have on my computer, all recently updated browser versions, so no old stuff. Opera? IE9? Chrome/Iron? It doesn’t matter, the Dashboard pages do NOT work and it’s getting only worse.
    To prove my point, here is my screenshot of a fully loaded Stats page in IE9: yes, just drawing a blank.
    On a few other occasions the same page managed to load a little more completely: but only the text framework, so still without any pics (no stat bars, no search icons, no country pics). What the *** is going on here?
    This morning, for some time I couldn’t even get into my Stats page through the old Dashboard route, because that wasn’t working either.
    When I tried just now, suddenly it worked again. What is this, some kind of dice game?
    I urgently want to ask you to take this matter a little more seriously and sort out what is going wrong here. Please!

    The blog I need help with is

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