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Personal Blogs

  1. I love personal blogs, I don't read anything else. Post yours here. I'll check it out and comments on posts.
    Check mine out.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. morbidauthoress

    I have a personal/about-everything blog (my name links to it), but I've been talking about books a lot lately, so I guess it could also be called a book blog; I'm caught in between. I'd appreciate any feedback you have!

  3. Hope you like my advice. :)

  4. theadventureofmotherhood

    Hi i have my blog about my life and my kids!!! come check me out

  5. I have a personal blog mainly dealing with relationship issues at this time, but will develop into more as I get going.

  6. Please check out my blog everyone!

  7. I'll check yours out :)

  8. I love personal blogs. It's not all I read, but a big majority. I enjoy the "interpretation of life" the writer makes, since we all have different views.

  9. Thanks guys :)

  10. I like your blog, very interesting :D. Here is mine, i just started like a few weeks ago, i talk mostly of anything comes to my mind, so is a little mess. I just updated the about me and i need to put pictures and make it pretty =) here is mine.

    i would really like people to read this post and make an opinion, something that happened to me. Excuse me for the english and all the grammar horrors, english is my second language.

  11. I'm about to deploy, and I think I'm going to try and make a post every day for the entire year I'm over there. Not all about military, or whatever, just my personal daily thoughts, maybe some fiction writing.

    Check it out, if you'd like.

  12. Hi Amber

    I'd be pleased if you check out my blog and tell me what you think

  13. Check me out at:

  14. portaleazzurro

    My mom how long the list of things to do!

    All these beautiful personal blogs!

    Visit my.

  15. Mine is personal if nothing else:

  16. Mine is about my life and what not. Kinda geeky but that's what I am, lol.

  17. Hi everyone! I'm going to try and check out everyone's blog but it may take me a few days... ;-) Please feel free to take a peek at my personal blog...

    Inexplicable VexAzn ♀
    WANTED: A drama-free life of zen for an AmerAsian Daoist!

  18. take a look at my personal blog


    See if you like my blogs
    I might be an aquired taste?


    A blog about the last couple of months before I go off to college and a place for me to rant and share my views on politics. Enjoy! And feedback would be great!

  21. middleagedlilboy

    Mine is about my life and interests, at times it gets more than a lil risque, but its also brutally honest.

  22. mine is a mix between news views and anecdotes. most recent entry is an account of a weekend i spent hitch hiking a while back

  23. My blog was just started up about 3 days ago, and I now have three posts! Not too big of a deal but I hope i do eventually get some readers :P

  24. kathleenbradley1

    A personal blog following my life as a young graduate, who became a mother in my final year.

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