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  1. incognitoteenager

    After reading through forum posts of personal bloggers, and looking through the hundreds out there, I wanted to have a place where all personal bloggers could post together.

    At the moment, I can not spend money for unlimited users, and will find a way to add donating without PayPal, because I can't really use that. I have just created the website, and came to the forums first to find users.

    I believe we can have up to 35 users to start with, with a later upgrade for $30 to have an unlimited amount.

    I am hoping at a later time to add a "Registration fee" of $1 a year, upgrade our website as well as we can.

    First of all, who supports this idea? Any response would be helpful.
    If you want to join, just to this link to learn a bit more.

    You can comment on that post, email me, or reply here.

    I will be shutting down the blog if I get no response for this, or a bad response. I'm fine if you don't like the idea, so please post the truth.
    I will wait until I get 5 members from this site to start promoting elsewhere.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I guess I'm kinda confused... Does it cost anything? Cuz if not, I'm totally down. :P

  3. incognitoteenager

    At the moment, no.
    If the site becomes a success, I will want to charge for a domain and no ads, and if needed, more space.

    Come join! Haha, I haven't been posting my blog posts there, due to the lack of others. Just keeping the welcome post up!

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