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  1. I would like to use the text About KHER which is below my photo in the side bar, where I want to make a link to my personal details. Now, my question is where should I store my personal details, which I can make a link back to the text About KHER?

  2. Kher

    Create a new page called "About". Write whatever you want to in that page.

    Then, simply put a link to the page in your "About Kher" space at the top of the sidebar.

    This link will give you instructions on creating the link.

    If that makes no sense, post back and we'll post instructions. :)


  3. cornell,
    i just like to know where do i create my "personal-details" page? can I do it on the PAGE ?

  4. You create a Page -> Write -> Page
    type in the title "About"
    Now on this page your create sections "About Kher" and for example "About this Blog"
    you publish the Page.
    Thereafter you create a text widget and in it you place the code for your image and a link back to your "About" page.

  5. You are talking about the photo in your sidebar? Is that currently generated with a text widget? If it is, just edit it to have your about information. That or do what Collin was suggesting and create a new page called 'about' and then link to it in that text widget where your photo is with something like the following:

    <a href="">Personal Details</a>

    Is that what you are talking about?


  6. As timethief's idea, should i set my page status as draft, publish or private?

    yes trent you're right. But presently it is not generated with a text widget. So, what you two suggested is that I create my details in the PAGE? Let me try it out. anyway thank you guys.

    P/s COLLIN sorry for addressing you Cornell.

  7. what i did was i create my details in the PAGE and i named it About KHER . Then Ii set the page status as draft. Then i copied the URL ( it works. Or should i set the page status to publish?

  8. I think you'll need to set the page to Published. Otherwise you're the only one that will be able to see it.

    Cornell/Collin, I answer to both! :)

  9. Exactly ...

    you publish the Page

  10. ok, i just done it. Now the the the text "ABOUT KHER" has appeared next the "FRONT PAGE".
    My next problem is my those tags "lifestyle, sex, health,etc) next to them are being "squeezed". Just to check with you, could i move or rather how do i move those tags just beneath the title "BLOG you!"? Please advise. thank you.

  11. Another thing collin, now as i click "A BOUT KHER", it willshow a normal PAGE with the word "No Coment". Is it possible to remove the word "No comment" in my details-page?

  12. You can turn the comments off on the right side when editing that page through the 'discussion' blue tab (click the +) and then uncheck the 'allow comments' portion.


  13. bingo! thank you guys! whay about the otherproblem i just mentioned? moving the "tags" to just below the title BLOG you! Possible?

  14. That is the name of a page that you've created. The only way to shorten it is to change the page name.

    Glad you're getting it sorted!

  15. So i can't have any texts written just beneath BLOG You! . Another thing how do i paste all those Adsense codes and those directory on my side bar or below my every post?

  16. Adsense codes will not work. We're not allowed to use adsense here. The space where you've got that long sentence "sex - lifestyle etc" is specifically reserved for the pages. There's no way with the theme that you're using to have a tag line.

    If you look at the "Options" in your dashboard you will see a box called "tagline". That is not used in the Cutline theme and unfortunately there's no way to put it in.

    You could change "BLOG You!" to that line though. :)

    What's the "directory" that you mention above?

  17. oh, i means those like MyBogLog, Blogcatalog , BlogFluxand what about those affialiate like Amazon. And also what about those ads like Kontera, Bidvertiser, Text Links Ads?

  18. Mybloglog has been discussed in the past here in the forums. May want to search for it as someone (engtech?) came up with a workaround for it.

    We are not allowed adverts here at currently.

  19. Mybloglog has information on their site for inserting the widget, don't know about the other two, but it's entirely possible they have the information too.

    Like adsense, you stand no chance with Amazon and other affiliate links and text-link ads. They are deemed to break the Terms Of Service and you will probably get your blog suspended with little or no warning.

    Have a read of this in the FAQ for info:

  20. you mean all FREE wordpress blogs are not allowed to have ads?

  21. Correct. If you're hosted at there's no ads.


    The free blogs hosted here at are not allowed to have adverts. wordpress blogs hosted elsewhere using the wordpress software from are free to add in adverts.

    May want to review that FAQ link that Cornell gave you.

  23. thank you for your info. i'm very new to wordpress. so just to check with you, if i want to host tmy blog with one of your hosting servers,is it easy to send my blog across? sorry for asking such a "silly" question. As i've just said I'm no PC savvy and I'm a newie. Pls bear with me. Thank you

  24. Over at they don't provide "hosting servers" they only provide the software for download so that you can put it on hosting that you buy separately to wordpress.

    For the moment I wouldn't worry about, affiliate links, adsense or any of that and just enjoy blogging. If in a few months you want to go down that route then visit the idea again.

  25. ok thank you collin. I really appreciate you guys for guiding me and providing me your useful info. if i need any more assistance, i shall be back. again . Again, a big thank you.

  26. Hey, no problem. :)

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