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Personal Favorite Horror Film of All Time?

  1. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

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  2. The Excorcist gets a lot of mention, but for whatever reason I was never that into that film. I recognize it's terror quality, but it wasn't my style.

    Personally I prefer the original Alien. A bit outdated, but still a phenomenal film. Ironically, the "deleted scenes" that didn't make the theatrical release (such as Ripley finding a cocooned Capt. Dallas and Bret) are some of the most effective in the film. Ridley Scott cut the scene because he thought it was too long.

    The Japanese do horror better than us Americans though.

  3. Satan's School for Girls. And The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

  4. I feel as though the makers of "attack of the mushroom people" feel slightly slighted, Rain. :-)

  5. Rest Stop.
    I haven't seen many horror films, but this one is great!

    I saw The Collector last night and freaked out!!! I still don't know if the movie was good. I cried without tears for the entire movie and once it was done and the two other people in the theatre had left and the lights were back on, I sat in my seat and screamed for a few minutes until the staff came in to clean.

  6. I'm not a horror connoisseur but probably the Shining, even if it was pretty unfaithful to the actual novel. I wish it had been, as this would have made it much better, but still, great film.

  7. aww man Alien is a killer horror flick. Def in the top 10 of all time

  8. hmmmmmmmmmm I'm having a problem picking between The Ring and any of the Saw movies.

  9. The Ring.

    @bats: Saw vs. movie that doesn't depend so heavily on graphics? :O (Okay, they were fun though.)

  10. Halloween of course. I actually blogged about this very movie today.

  11. 6th sense... although it's not exactly 'horror' it has an immense plot!!

  12. chadoates stole the words out of my mouth. I don't care for horror movies anymore, but when I did, it was 'The Shining'.

  13. @neurotype...ya I know! thinking about it, I with you on The Ring, watching tv just was never the same again after I saw that movie.

  14. Sorry haha, I'm surprised you're the only other person to think that though

  15. LOL My brain works differently than most other ppl. :)

  16. High School Musical scariest [censored] I've ever seen!

  17. @nyctiropist haha. thinking outside of the box. im diggin that

  18. snowcatsfilmreview

    Hmm, hard. Halloween both versions are very good but I think it would have to be the film The Host :)

  19. The Shining (original w/Jack) still creeps me out, but The Grudge was the one that did me in, true horror.

  20. I agree with misterbooks, I love The Shining too. Takashi Shimizu is an absolute master at horror. Although I can't stand the remakes he did. The originals are far superior.

    Nightmare On Elm Street is a classic... More gore than chills but for a 80's child like me, it was brilliant.

    LMAO at nyctitropist, High School Musical terrified me too, not as much As that bloody Hannah Montana movie though *WRETCH*


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