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    I am wanting to map a current domain I have so that it will now point to my wordpress blog.
    My current web hosting group are asking for my personal IP address so that they can re-direct but I don’t know how to access this information.
    I have sent a couple of emails to wordpress support but have had no response so far.
    I am hoping to get this resolved rather quickly and was wondering what anyone else knows on the topic.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can map your existing domain following this guide (no IP required):


    I have tried to use this tutorial, but I am wanting to keep my email etc handled by the current registrar.
    There are three IP addressed listed, if I give one of these to over to my current web host will they work to point to my blog?
    I am sorry, this is all really new to me.


    To keep your existing email address, you have to use Google Apps as explained in this support document.

    For the domain, you need to give all three of those addresses,, and to your domain registrar and then need to change the nameservers on their end.



    You can use your old host for the email, I am doing that, you will need to get some info from the old email host, their IP address and you need to make some records here to redirect your email back to your old host. The records I use (the numbers have been changed to protect the guilty) are below. It was a bit tricky but works nice now.

    A mail
    MX 10


    Thanks for the information re: the Google Apps. If need be I will definitely use that information.
    But I am not wanting any down time with my email etc and was hoping to retain my other host so that I had someone on the other end of a phone line if needed.
    The current hosting company was suggesting that I re-route the domain so that they could point it to my wordpress blog but they needed the specific IP Address for my blog.


    Thanks auxclass. I am checking that out now.



    My old host that still does my email does not care a bit about my WordPress.COM IP address. Change where the name servers point and do an A & MX record should do it.

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