Personal theme auto-update dissappeared link to the homepage

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    Hey guys!

    We have a problem I hope you can help with. We have a custom created WordPress theme – Misty Look (, for some time it was in your base (as is with the link to original site), but some time ago it somehow got updates without our notice/intention/knowing and all the original links to our home page (those were reverted to – Could someone please explain what went wrong and why?

    I’m referring to nearly any website, created using our theme. Even at it linked to the, not creators project

    How could that happen and why that theme was updated/changed (re-linked) without notice?

    Ps: maybe that’s not the question for the Forums, maybe you could give me a contact of the right person to discuss this question with?




    Hi Alex, you’re correct in that this question isn’t for the forums. We’ll send you a reply via email.

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