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  1. How would one put the blog on a personal website(in simple text), such that if the blog updated or commented on, it would show updates/comments/and such and such on a personal page?

    Thank You.

  2. If you want to have a self hosted website or one that's webhosted you can upload a free wordpress blog template to it. In that case you would not be here at and instead you would be over here and run on two different code bases so prior to going any further perhaps your should read this thread as it contains useful information for your situation
    "Please read me first before posting"

  3. You could also subscribe your website to your RSS feed and have it automatically display the info. I've seen that done a few times, but I don't know how it works. The post headings just show up in a sidebar, one after the other.

  4. @rain
    Good idea that would work. siarheib could subscribe to his own blog through bloglines or feedblitz or whatever and have the posts sent to his website. I subscribe to my own blogs through both bloglines and feedblitz and have the posts sent to me by email as a back-up.

  5. Ok, I see how that would work. What do you suggest I use to interpret the sent data? How would I receive it?


  6. @drmike
    For clarity I'm bumping this to you.

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