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personalized email address

  1. i tried to find an answer

    i currently have ... i have read on your site that if i uprade to through that for my $18.00 I will be able to have a personal email address.

    1: Will i be able set up [email redacted]? AND [email redacted]?

    2: Are they included in the $18.00?

    3: Where do i find the instructions so i can determin if the set ups are something i will be able to do on my own

    Thank you


    [email redacted]
    Blog url:

  2. does not provide an email service for domains. To add email service see here >

  3. i guess i mis read information posted on wordpress under the section that lists points of value in acquiring a domian through

  4. You can have an email for your custom domain name ([email redacted]) - if you use Gmail the email is free - you can use other email providers but you need to pay for that usually - its just that WordPress.COM has chosen not to host email on their servers

  5. I'm sorry whatever you read did not clearly state the facts.

  6. When prompted for "domain name" in the 1st step on the Google Apps page do I use just my website address ( or do I add the email address I want to add ([email redacted]) ?


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