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Personalized Menu Error, limitation of pages that can be published?

  1. Hello there, i have many pages (more than 150 pages) and everytime i tried to add new pages and manage through the "personalized menu" it says "error matt's fault etc so the question is
    is there a limits of pages that can be published on wordpress?
    thanks for your attention
    Blog url:

  2. This is likely a temporary server glitch, but I'll tag this for staff attention and hopefully they will soon look into it for you.

  3. The is no known limit, but you have certainly found it.

    150 pages is quite a bit. Is there any particular reason for why you need so much?

  4. the reason of the +150 pages is that i'm managing
    my collection of music (mp3) on line

  5. Do you legally own the distribution rights to all of the MP3 files that you will be uploading?

    By uploading the files to your blog, you will be distributing them in a manner that the legal system considers public and therefore a breach of copyright.

  6. i'm not uploading anything
    it's just a list of what i've collected
    that's all
    never had in mind to upload anything

  7. There's no real limit to the number of pages you can publish, but there's a definite limit to the number of items the Custom Menu tool can handle without crashing. Don't use a custom menu and add the Pages widget instead.

  8. I tried to use widget "page" but i'd prefer the custom menu 'cause
    this has the tree menù that i like

  9. If you mean dropdown lists to a few main pages, then an alternative would be to add only the main pages to the top menu and add all the rest as links in the content of those main pages.

  10. thanks for you help
    do you have a link of wordpress blog with a menù like that?

  11. You can check mine!

  12. if I understand well you mean publishing any pages i like and then
    creating, for each published page a "custom link"
    do you think this "custom link" is less "crashable" than the other
    I hope this will work
    thanks for your suggestion!

  13. No, that's not what I meant. As I said in my first reply, there's a limit to the number of items the Custom Menu tool can handle: it doesn't make any difference if the items are pages or custom links or whatever.

    Suppose you have 30 jazz-related pages, 40 rock-related pages, etc; what I suggested is you publish a "Jazz" page, create links to the 30 jazz pages in it, publish a "Rock" page, create links to the 40 rock pages in it, etc, and include only the "Jazz" page, the "Rock" page etc in the top menu.

    All this would be a lot easier if you published posts instead of pages: then you'd simply add the right category to each post, and you would include those categories in the top menu.

    Support doc on creating links:
    Support doc on adding post categories:

  14. thanks a lot for your help
    I will work on it

  15. at the end of the story what I'd like to have is this (Italian artists)
    if you go (for example) to letter "A" it will appear a list of artist on the right

    I would like to obtain the same with
    tha fact is the, in this case, i have many more names to lists

  16. for me it's the same if they are pages or posts

    "All this would be a lot easier if you published posts instead of pages: then you'd simply add the right category to each post, and you would include those categories in the top menu."
    do you mean that managing category in the custom menù it's easier
    and there wont't be crash as with pages custome menù?

  17. No, I mean what I wrote, and I have already answered this last question of yours.

    You'll never manage to do exactly what you're looking for with a custom menu, so here's what to do:
    a) edit all your pages to make them all child pages to the right alphabetical page, just like you've done in the Italian blog.
    b) Switch to Oulipo or Suburbia: like Ari, their top menu is vertical, but unlike Ari they automatically display all the pages and child pages in their regular menu, so you'll need no custom menu at all. To make sure the regular menu is displayed, go to Appearance > Menus, select the blank option from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.

  18. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

    maybe the right way to have a answer to my request is the one to have
    a theme that "automatically display all the pages and child pages in their regular menu"

    I tried Oulipo and SUburbia but i've not been particularly impressed by them
    do you other theme with the "automatically display" options?


  19. Well, there's nothing impressive about Ari either! As long as we're talking about automatically displaying all pages and child pages in a vertical menu, your only other options apart from Oulipo and Suburbia are Sunspot and Brand New Day.

    If a horizontal menu would also do, then there are many more themes - see the five columns of themes listed here:

  20. oulipo, suburbia, sunspot, brand new day...i tried but were not completely satisfied
    i'm trying the ones with the horizontal menu

    is there a chance to find other vertical menu, theme, with automatically display?

    thanks again for your help

  21. gettingfreefromdebt


    i'm new there and i was told my blog has a 404 error page and two places of missing mag tag .i dont know how to fix it .dose anyone know how to fix it?

    thank you for any help

  22. You're welcome.
    I think I made it clear that the four themes I mentioned are the only ones that work that way.

  23. ok

  24. justpi, thanks for the huge list of themes with horizontal issue
    some of them can help me

  25. I just wanted to know that, after trying several of the horizontal themes, i choose
    the twenty ten
    1. automatic display all pages and child pages
    2. minimalist design

    thanks again for your help
    i will continue to have a look to your wordpress blog

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