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personalizing comments as admin

  1. I've set up a wordpress blog for someone who now wishes that his replies to comments (i.e. flagged as admin) appear in a different color text on a different color background. I can do the css bit, but the php is giving me trouble - how do I change the appearance according to the comment author?

    Hope someone can help !

  2. We are not allowed to access the underlying php. We are only allowed to edit the css.

  3. Actually some of the themes here do that as a built in feature. Damn if I know which ones though. The theme Boles uses does IIRC.

    But if you're adjusting PHP, than means you not hosted here as we don't have access to the php file. You need to be over at as that's the site for the software. This is the site for the hosting company.

    Good `luck,

  4. FYI. The regulus theme has this built in:

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