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Petition against WP 2.5

  1. That's right; I keep telling them to go self-hosted and install an old version of WordPress. At least it would get them out of our hair AND teach them the difference between self-hosted and

  2. Nice!

    But it's spelt "arse". An "ass" is a type of donkey. ;)

  3. At this point, I'm taking names. There are a few people who are not going to get their questions answered by me in future.

  4. I was wondering when it would come to that on the forums. : )

    But Rain, if they can't get their questions answered in the "future" - what about the "present?" (just trying to rile you up this morning - I haven't picked on you in a while). :)

  5. One of the people I unloaded on was actually a good sport about it and has been commenting on my blog. I'm trying to rise to his example. After all, it's not my responsibility if these people are pissed off at someone else.

  6. That's awesome - you should both be commended.

  7. Indeed. Poor swapnaalice may never be the same though.

  8. She walked with a limp already, nobody will notice.

  9. I changed my mind! I like it now!!!! DONT TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!! GRRRRRRR! lol.

  10. What changed your mind Sonic?

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