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  1. Hi:

    I started and would like to add a petition with the capabilities like SpeakUp! which is only for .org sites. Do you know of a widget for .com sites? If not, is there an easy way to change from .org .com?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no such widget currently available on the free-hosted blogs.
    For others interested in that plugin available only for wp.ORG, here is some info:

    We cannot use plugins here:

    To move to wp.ORG you must have a domain name (which you buy) and a host for your site (Netscape Solutions, godaddy, or a multitude of other choices), and software to make your site function (which could be the free software from wp.ORG) .

    If you have a blog here on wp.COM then it is not difficult to export your site to

    Here are a few details about the differences between and

  3. Can you set up a petition on some type of petition site then link to it from your blog? Would that be OK?

  4. Yes, I could use another petition site and link to that site from my blog, but I want to control the petitioner emails and you cannot do that with sites like

    Thanks. I will try the .org route.

  5. Whether you move to wp.ORG or not, IMO, you should make it clear that your site is about Minneapolis / St. Paul: msp is not very descriptive nor SEO useful.

  6. This page has some tips for Search Engine Optimizing and other ways to get your site noticed

    I also agree with Tess on the MSP thing

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