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    We have a phantom entry in an Archives widget on our site, and we would appreciate any advice you can offer on how to get rid of it.

    The Archives entry was titled “June 201 (1)” but did not correspond to the publication date of the single post that was included in it, which was January 14, 2013. We tried deleting the post, thinking that would cause the widget entry to go away but, instead, the widget entry remained and when we clicked on it, another post displayed with a different publication month and year. We deleted the second post, and a third post populated the “June 201 (1)” widget entry with still another month/year combination. We deleted the third post, and now the “June 201 (1)” Archives entry remains but, when clicked, goes to a “Not Found” page. The one commonality we noted among the three posts we deleted was that the first term in the title of all three was “2013,” and they were the only posts on the site that began with “2013” in the title. So now we have eliminated all posts with a title that begins with “2013,” but we have no idea how to get rid of the empty, lingering “June 201 (1)” entry in the Archives widget. Has anyone experienced this issue and resolved it? If so, we would be grateful for any suggestions you can offer on how to eliminate the “June 201 (1)” entry from the Archives widget.

    The site at issue is a private site at

    Thank you for any and all suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is


    Your blog visibility is private and we Volunteers cannnot view it so we cannot help you. I tagged this thread for Staff support.



    The problem is the post “Making NAC Happen” which has its published date set to “Jun 27, 0201”.

    If you edit the post, you can adjust the published date via the Publish box to the right.


    Thanks macmanx :)



    You’re welcome!



    Genius! Thank you, macmanx.

    And thank you, thistimethisspace, for tagging the thread for Staff support.

    Wishing you both a wonderful holiday weekend…


    I hope you have a lovely holiday too.



    You too!

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