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Phantom Clickthroughs to WordPress links

  1. thinkingbiggerblog

    We send a weekly e-newsletter (to about 4,500 recipients) using a platform similar to Constant Contact. We include links to our most recent blogs (WordPress) each week. Our e-newsletter platform is registering dozens of clickthroughs to each of our WordPress blogs but these clickthroughs are not showing up on our WordPress analytics. The clickthroughs come within a minute or two of the e-mail being sent and the number of clickthroughs far surpasses the clickthrough rate for our other links in the newsletter. This week, I included a link to someone else's WordPress blog and saw the same high clickthrough rate within minutes of the e-newsletter going out. Our e-newsletter provider swears these look like real clickthroughs on their end, and, in fact, we can see the e-mail addresses that are supposedly clicking through. But, the pattern looks like something automated is causing the clickthroughs and, as I said, their not registering on WordPress dashboard. If I click on the blog link in the e-newsletter, it immediately registers on the WordPress analytics.

    Has anyone encountered or heard of this problem before with links in an e-newsletter?


    The blog I need help with is

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