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phantom referrals

  1. You can check your google penalty here.Ii went from 0 to 3 in 2 weeks.

  2. If you went from 0 to 3, you didn't get penalized.

  3. noreligionblog

    Oh. That sight says it is a slight penalty. Didn't think it was google page rank.

  4. noreligionblog

    Anyway, seems the spammy referrers have been beaten into submission by the Automatic ropocops :)

  5. noreligionblog

    ROBOCOPS....damn typos :(

  6. minniebeaniste

    I'm still getting spam referrers ...

  7. @raincoaster has a good point: "It's possible this is some kind of spammer who's getting paid to drive traffic to those sites, and it's working: you see the link in your stats, you click on it, they've done their job. And yeah, the sites in question may or may not be benign."

    @noreligionblog: I'm still getting spam referrer links. Yesterday I didn't have any, but today they're back.

    I know the people of WP are hard at work trying to figure this one out, so I suppose all we can do is just continue to update as more information presents itself.

    Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and insight. It's definitely frustrating.

  8. minniebeaniste

    Hi fellow sufferers - I reported all the bogus blogspot referrers to Blogger yesterday. Latest incomers are all fake dot.coms, but numbers have definitely dropped - thanks WordPress Support!
    With you & raincoaster, cheekycici: around the time the referrer-log business began, StatCounter shows two visits from Iranian IPs who are known sources of spam pushes, etc. FTR = & The like can be reported/checked out at

  9. We've got loads, it's driving us mad. If only we could mark the referrals as spam referrals and block them all - one of us used to use a CMS at work that allowed this.

  10. The number of phantom referrals per day seems to be going down but this morning one of them appears to have REPLACED a legitimate referral in the list in my stats. Is this possible or am I going crazy?

    Either way, these guys are really starting to annoy me. I know they will be bots, or kids, or even just someone looking to make some easy money, but it seems really dishonest, unimaginative and tedious - especially if they are preventing me from recognising genuine referrers.

    I can't wait to get rid of them.

  11. Undeleted: I don't think you're going crazy at all - if you are, so am I because I've had the same experience of legit referrer refs being replaced by PRs. Pain in bum doesn't even begin to cover it ... ;-). Bon courage!

  12. I was excited because the referrer spam nearly went away for a couple days. But now it's back! I'm now getting phantom referrals from,,,,, with multiple hits from I am happy to hear the WordPress team is on it but thought I'd provide an update on my blog's situation in case it's helpful...

  13. If everyone just ignored tham and do not click on them it will go away

  14. minniebeaniste

    thetpsreport: part of the problem is they don't go away if you refrain from clicking on 'em. Blogspot ones can be reported & tend not to return, but ALL the others do - again, and again, and ...

    Saramyx: I am getting the same ones as you this evening. Legit visitors referred via their blogrolls/comments arriving since are not now showing up on the referrer log.

  15. Wow now I'm starting to get weird referrals from such as ""

  16. This has to be a wordpress exploit how are they going to our sites?

  17. Hope we're not accidentally download a virus of blog hackers

  18. My blog,, is getting referrals from the following phantom (?) sites:………

    Coincidentally (perhaps), these referrals have occurred since I re-customized my Live Traffic Feed on 3/13/10.

    My second blog,, has not received any such referrals. I have not changed Live Traffic Feed on that site.

  19. Correction to my previous post 3/16/10: My blog IS getting phantom referrals. I have not changed the Live Traffic Feed on that blog, as I had on my other blog, Thanks.

  20. Update: I've not had any bogus referrals for a couple of days now - if this is due to the work of the WP backroom boys and girls, please keep on doing whatever it is you're doing.

    I was just thinking about all this: I get spammed in all of my various email accounts, my phone, on Facebook, on different forums and now it's happening more and more on Twitter.

    I can't tell you how much I hope WP remains free of all that crap - for the sake of my sanity if nothing else.

  21. On 3/18/10, received two new bogus referrals:…

    Neither of my blogs has had any hits at all so far today.

  22. minniebeaniste

    A couple of phantom-free days - hooray! Thank you, WordPress Support.
    Yesterday, tho' had: Today one of the original ones, this time via digg: of stuff). Following a strictly hands-off policy with these, er, people ... Anyone else still finding 'em? Hope not!

  23. Still finding them on

  24. minniebeaniste

    Hi fellow phantom-sufferers: today's log shows a visit from Anybody who sees it, whatever you do don't click on it (know you probably won't but ...)! It's been flagged as a Trojan-carrier in the recent past, and suspect to have been infiltrated again. [FYI it's an e-bay enabler. I have nothing to do with ebay, never used it; don't visit.]

  25. I have received a contact form email from a subscriber who is also seeing strange referrals form

  26. 3/23/10 Referrals to from:…

    3/22/10 Referrals from:………

    3/21/10 Referrals from:…

  27. minniebeaniste

    Timethief: ah, looks like has been infected again/is being used as vehicle for spam push.
    Have had a couple of hits from also. Am installing code from projecthoneypot which apparently works to repel these ******s.

  28. minniebeaniste

    Actual URL =; plus another's shown up = So that code doesn't work, then ...

  29. I'm getting more of this crap again. I'm also fairly certain that the trojan which is causing my laptop to crash every five minutes comes from one of the sites which supposedly sent me a referral.

    As a result, I'm now wary of clicking on unfamiliar links in my referrals, meaning that I could be missing out on connecting with people who like my blog enough to link to it.

    In the absence of any solutions from WP, any advice?


    One seriously pissed off blogger

  30. If you think your computer has a trojan virus then you could do a free online check to confirm if it is infected or not and remove any viruses or malware. Most of the virus and trojan scanners in this section do not need to be downloaded or installed, they run from inside your browser. Scroll down to locate "Free Online Virus & Trojan Scanners" >
    I hope this helps you.

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