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phantom referrals

  1. Thanks a lot Timethief. Been trying various things to remove it, but I will give those online scanners a shot.

  2. You're welcome and best wishes.

  3. Think I'm going to have to give my laptop to a friend to sort out. Tedious.

    Still getting dodgy referrals but not quite as many as before. I read something about a blacklist of spam sites on a similar thread - what's the best way to suggest urls for this list?

  4. I haven't had any phantom referrals since March 30. I have found and removed cookies from a couple of the sites. I'd like to block cookies from those sites but would have to go to the sites themselves and copy the URLs. I'm afraid that might cause more problems.

  5. Any thoughts on that blacklist?

    I seem getting more referral spam than I am true referrals at the moment but after my experiences clicking on dodgy links through WP before, I'm reluctant to check them out. Could be dodgy, could be genuine people interested in what I have to say - I can't tell.

    Over the last few days, they've been from leather-braiding, used cars and student loan consolidation.

    There are also a few urls cropping up time again, and for example. Is there any way I could block them myself?

  6. I'm sorry but there's no way to block referrals that I'm aware of.

  7. Any Happiness Engineers around who have news of any progress on this problem?

    I'm still getting this stuff in my referrals most days. I don't click anymore as I'm pretty certain I got exposed to malware the last time I did.

    I checked my Google ranking a few weeks ago and got a figure of 4. Now it is 0. I haven't been linked to so much lately but I have plenty of good, solid links from well-ranked sites in the past, so I'm wondering whether it might be connected to these spam sites linking to my blog. Needless to say, I am getting very little traffic from search engines these days and my visitor numbers have plummeted.

    This is really demoralising - like most bloggers, I want as many people as possible to see my stuff and I feel like I'm being penalised for somebody else's behaviour. Or maybe my blog just isn't as popular as it once was.

    Earlier in the thread, there are a couple of references to WP staffers working on this. If you're not able to tell us what you're going to do, any chance you could give us a timetable of when you might get some kind of fix/solution together?

    I'd like the ability to both block referrals and report them as spam (as in Akismet) - any chance of sorting that out in the next couple of weeks?

  8. FYI, this is the stuff clogging up my referrals over the last week or so. I'm presuming they are spam sites - I haven't actually clicked through to them…………………
    best-refinance-information.blogspot.c…… 1…

  9. Undeleted: hello, again. After a break, I'm also finding the damn things reappearing. Two yesterday - ...

    Since which time my stats have dropped through the floor!
    You're right to ignore them. Have you referred the prob to Support? I will do so, also. They need to know about such things, and are brilliant at dealing with them.

  10. I experienced a short break, too. Then the phantom referrals began again. Below are the ones I've received since April 10. I think there were two days free of them.

    My second blog,, has had only one such hit since these referrals began.

    Kathy Waller
    [removed - please don't feed the spambots]……………………………………………………………

  11. Just to put on record that I've also been having those spam referrals for the last couple of days

  12. I've been getting hit daily for about 6 weeks now. This is maddening! I've searched and searched and I just can't find how to make it stop. I'm getting the same sites that others have listed. Is there any advice yet on what to do?

  13. I reported the URLs of the sites that have been hitting me for about the past week to WordPress Support. Received an email saying the sites would be added to the WP spam referrer blacklist. I was also told to report again if I had heavy spam referrer traffic after another week or so.

    Thanks, WP Support.

  14. @Kathy Waller
    This is a public forum that anyone online can access. You posted your email address to it in a form that email address harvesting spam bots can and will harvest, and then return the data to those who programmed the bots, so they can spam the crap out of your email address and also your blogs. If this is your practice then it' in your best interest to change it. See >

    It's my opinion that everyone experiencing such problems ought to be privately filing support tickets with Staff, rather than doing this information exchange in a forum thread.

  15. I get this stuff daily. I'm reporting it to support, and support always says "we're working on it." But it never ends. I'm wondering if support is capable of solving the problem or am I just wasting my time reporting all the URLs. Is there any real chance of having it stopped?

  16. I've been getting up to 10 of these a day. I initially clicked on them and found no links to my page at all. Now I never click on them.

    I've had no response from WordPress on this despite sending a list of these 'bad URLS'.

    My independent 'hit counter' shows none of these so called visits so I do believe it is a way of them artifically increases their hits. A pay per hit situation? Definitely some kind of referral spam but how do I stop this?

    I haven't clicked on any for weeks now but they're increasing NOT decreasing. I'm not actually getting any legit hits anymore either...

    I've removed my blog from all blog directory sites and I have less hits today but the day is young and anything could happen...

  17. I've been getting hit the past couple of days, too. I just sent a list of the offending URLs to Support.

  18. Same here. They have steadily increased in number again, too. I just reported the ones form last week to staff. And I really hope soon there will be a way to block them. As I also wonder how they even manage to pop up in our referrers when they don't actually link to us. That in itself sounds malicious to me or do they have a link for a second which they then take down again? Anybody know how this even works?

  19. This has been a problem today

    Same name with a different number at the end

  20. pornstarbabylon

    You would think I would get hit like many of you do but I don't. Look at my username. All my referrals are legit referrals from places I know about and visited. There is the occasional referral that makes no sense and I go to the site and can't find where I'm being linked. So why are you all being hit much more than I ever have?

  21. I've been getting this problem for a while now, but on a low enough level not to concern me. Today however the apparent number of hits on my homepage has sky-rocketed thanks to alleged referrals from[number] which completely blows the validity of my referral stats out of the water.

    I see that WP support people told us back in March not to worry as they were on the case .... it's now almost June and this problem is getting worse from my perspective.

    Are any third party referral tracking packages available and how are they integrated into WP?

  22. There are several free non- javascript third party vistor tracking systems we can use on blogs. Some are real time live tracking systems and some aren't. You will find the ones I have reviewed except go-stats on this page under "Visitor Tracking".

    Note: wordpress stats and all the others will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit. Some count page views and some count unique visitors. Therefore, use any of them as only as a general guide to hits.

  23. Just reporting another Blogger phantom, today:
    I wonder how can blogger, or digg, allow this.

  24. IMHO don't post the whole URL on there. Otherwise it will add to the links on the net which is what they want- coverage!

  25. Good point, brisurban!

  26. It's my opinion that everyone experiencing such problems ought to be privately filing support tickets with Staff, rather than doing this information exchange in a forum thread.

  27. I agree with timethief, because this is a technical issue volunteers can not fix

  28. @slik
    Moreover posting these sites URLs here only advertises them, and we don't really want to do that now, do we? Maybe this thread should be closed.

  29. @TT Yeah I agree It would be bad to advertise those spam sites thread is being closed...

    @Everyone Please direct phantom referral issues directly to the support staff via →

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