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  1. I received this e-mail, which I assume is "phishing" and of course, I didn't click on the link. I wanted to alert other users and also to make doubly sure this is indeed "phishing."

    Women's Space


    This message is sent to you by the account protection and security team. We have detected a number of attempted unauthorized logins to your WordPress account (womensspace). This puts unnecessary stress on our servers and requires us to take action to better secure your account. Please follow the link below to verify your account and password to ensure that your blogging service continues uninterrupted.

    Account Confirmation Link

    Thank you for choosing WordPress

    -The WordPress Account Security and Protection Team


  3. Forward the email to support at wordpress dot com right away and ask staff to look into it.

    Also, are you the only one with admin privileges? Has there been any weirdness at your blog lately? This totally looks like phishing.

    The servers at WordPress can withstand anything short of a direct attack by the combined forces of Cthulhu and Godzilla. That really does not look legit, as you picked up immediately.

  4. How much unnecessary stress could attempted hacking cause? lol

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