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    I loaded a photo to my blog, posted it and it looked great. I checked in today and the photo has changed – the color is distorted. When I look at the posting in edit mode – all appears fine. What could be the problem and how can I correct it?

    The blog I need help with is


    The problem may be with your computer, if the photo’s information on WP has not changed. Are you on a different computer? Have you changed any settings on your computer since putting the photograph in your post?



    For the best results when it comes to image quality you must optimize and presize the header image to the exact size specifications prior to uploading the image. In your theme that’s 760 x 190 pixels.

    It’s also important to know that will not overwritet image file names. If you have used the same file name and uploaded a header image more than once the program will keep fetching the 1st image with that file name and will display it. Therefore, you ought to go into your Media Library and delete all the versions you have uploaded and start again as I described above.

    For more information on image quality >



    Actually thats not entirely correct, I’ve been changing my header quite often making modifications and I have one file name and only one for it, but when I upload it, WP puts a number behind it automatically and uses the last one I upload (even though all the previous versions which are still in my media library also have the same file name). I don’t know if it depends on the theme though, I’m using Vigilance.



    I have had both experiences using two different themes. Now I’m using Vigilance but way back when I was using Misty Look like this blogger is using. There have been changes made to the image functions and I find it difficult to keep up with them. What I do know for sure is that I don’t need or want multiple versions of header images taking up space in my Media Library so I delete the old ones and retain only the most recent optimized and pre-sized header image in my Media Library.


    I’m on the same computer. The appearance of the photo is orange – looks overexposed. I have just turned on the lap top and it looks as if the image is broken. I’ll reload and start over.

    FYI – I have had no problems with the header.

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