Photo Blog – How to put smaller thumbnail on home page, but full size in post?

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    I’m fairly new to wordpress so please excuse my cludgy terminology and general newbieness.

    When I insert a picture into a post, I’m given different options to set the size (either scaling it down by a percentage as low as 60%, or configuring pixel lengths and widths). This size seems to apply to the picture both when displayed with the post on the home page and also when it is displayed after a user clicks through the home page into the post’s own page.

    I would like to use the scaling to show a smaller version of the picture on the home page to enable easier scrolling through topics, but want to have the option to show the full-sized picture on the post’s page. Is this possible? Or should I instead look to add a link on the post’s own page to “view larger” or something of the sort?

    Your help would be appreciated. Thank you!



    Please provide an active link to the exact blog in question starting with http://




    i actually have the same problem. i also would like my blog posts to have an image thumbnail on the home page. instead, what is visible is only the post title with the text preview, but no image is previewed in the form of image thumbnail.

    the image can obviously be seen once you actually click on the post title. but that is not what is desired. i would like a catalogue like schema where users can see image thumbnails next to post titles on the home page. i’m currently using the retro-fitted theme.

    i have checked everywhere and it seems this nowadays required feature is buried somewhere deep in the settings or worse yet, is non-existent. i would like to provide a link to my blog but i’m building it and cannot really show it off to everyone. would you be able to help me out if i share the link with you?

    @thespecialforces – if you managed to find out how to do this, do let me know please. you’ll save a comrade’s skin…



    @marqete: What you’re looking for is theme-dependent (retro-Fitted won’t do).
    a) Some of the newer themes display thumbnails on the main page if you set a featured image to each post. You can read about all themes here:
    b) Some themes can display a thumbnail if you add its code in a custom excerpt. See left column here (recently added themes not included):

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