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    When I posted photos to a gallery, they came out the way I wanted them to … no colored border. But then when I posted a series of individual photos, they all came out with gray borders. I’ve tried several work-arounds but can’t get rid of that dang gray. Suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post an active link starting with http:// to the post or page you are having this issue with so we can examine it and help you.



    This caching problem is crazy making. Username link showing up for me is



    The gallery post with white borders (which is what I want) is

    The post with the gray borders (which I don’t want … I prefer white) is

    I wondered if the discrepancy was because one was a gallery and the other a series of individual pics?

    Timethief, I did try your suggestion here … but that I couldn’t get it to work. Then again, maybe that’s just me!



    No, the discrepancy is because the images in the second post are captioned.

    You can change the default look of captioned images if you have the Cstom Design upgrade.

    Without the upgrade you can change them one by one, but it’s too complicated. Instead of the regular way of inserting the images you’ll need to use the codes shown in this post:
    And then you’ll have to change this:
    to this:
    style="width:ZZZpx;background-color:#fff;border:1px solid #ddd;"



    Actually both sets of photos (with and without gray border) are captioned. With the Gallery View they appear outside the white frame on each pic. With the individually posted pics, the caption appears


    the gray frame. Confuses me all to heck.

    Thanks for your suggestion … I’ll give this a try.


    Sorry, my bad re the discrepancy – didn’t remember that captioned gallery images in 2011 look different than captioned individual images.



    Any reason why this would be so? (I tried your earlier suggestion but still ended up with gray). Sigh.

    Does this apply to all themes? The gray is not very pleasing to the eye at all :-(

    Sad Sally (who really doesn’t want her photos to wear gray)


    Yes, in most themes captioned images are enclosed in a light grey frame.

    If you tried my suggestion and it didn’t work, then you didn’t try it carefully. See demo here:



    Still can’t get rid of the gray … although the text is now centered under the photo and the strange little dash is gone.

    I’m following Steps 1 & 2 of your directions … I thought I was doing it right but obviously not. The gray is till there. Maybe I’ll just have to live with it.

    Here’s what I did … the pic is marked Private while I play around it … can you tell me what I’m doing wrong just from the following code or do you need to see the pic?

    <div class=”wp-caption alignleft” style=”width:480px;”><img title=”Plein Air A2″ src=”” alt=”Testing Jolene” />
    <p style=”text-align:center;color:#666;font-family:Georgia;font-size:12px;margin:10px 5px 4px;”>THis is a test for Jolene</p>



    The directions in my post are for changing the formatting of the caption, not the frame. You need to add the code I suggested above, that is, change this:
    <div class="wp-caption alignleft" style="width:480px;">
    to this:
    <div class="wp-caption alignleft" style="width:490px;background-color:#fff;border:1px solid #ddd;">
    Note that the width of the div mustn’t be that of the image: if the image is 480px wide, the div must be 490px (or more).



    Thanks so much for your patience, persistence and expertise. Sadly you are dealing with a non-techy person whose thick head simply will not wrap itself around this fix. And even should I get it to work it seems like a lot of effort if I have to do this for each photo.

    Some day when the planets line up properly and the fog clears I may try again. :-)

    P.S. At least I now know how to get rid of that little “dash thingy” so all is not lost!

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