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Photo Captions

  1. When uploading a photo, space is provided for both a caption and description. I'm assuming description is for the user's own needs. But, when the photo is posted, the caption does not appear. What's up with that? Is this a WordPress bug? Doesn't make sense to me that a space would be designated for captions, and the only way to really add a caption is to edit the html or CSS.

  2. It's a bug; it's only been this way for the last three weeks, and only on some browsers. You should be able to put the caption in using the Image Icon. I believe, though am not sure, that the description is for the benefit of vision impaired people, who have technology that can read it out loud.

  3. I still cannot add captions to my photos, and it's been almost a month since jerry first brought it up and 6 weeks since the problem first started, according to raincoaster. With something as basic as providing images with textual elaboration, I would think the wordpress powers-that-be would have their best and brightest fixing it ASAP.

  4. It works with the gallery some of the time.

    At least the captions show up for me in FF2/Fedora 7.

  5. Is there any word on the captions. I entered in my captions when I uploaded photos into my post and it dosne't appear to be working...

  6. I looked up this forum topic because after starting a new blog a couple of days ago I was posting a few images with the captions only visible when I hovered over them, which I liked. But now today, I added a caption to an image and it shows up under the image. Weird.

  7. That IS weird. I'd report it to staff via the Support button on your dashboard.

  8. Captions support has been added. Theme CSS updates to make the captions look sweet are on the way!

  9. Is this going to retroactively change all our pre-existing posts?

  10. CSS for image captions has been deployed for all themes.

    Your old posts will not have the new captions added automatically. If you want to add the caption to an existing post you can edit the post, click on the image, click the image button, make sure you have a Caption set, click the Update button, and then Save the post.

  11. Great, thanks. I was worried about my formatting, and sometimes I don't WANT the captions to show except on hover.

  12. Hmm, it seemed to work in the preview but not in the actual view for Monotone.

  13. FYI Photo captions do not appear to align centre when the image is centred: they align left, at least on my Sandbox-based blog they do. Any workarounds?

  14. And now the alignment has gone haywire: using the new WP mountain icon to set alignment, the image in this post was displaced slightly to the left, maybe 20%. I edited it to align none and now nothing I do will center it, including wrapping it in p tags and/or using the column alignment button. If I use the mountain icon, it's still displaced left no matter what I do.

  15. There is a problem with the alignment of the captions and/or the images.

    My suggestion. Do not write any caption after the upload of the image. Insert first the image into the post, select the alignment of the image, and then write the caption [click on the image, then click the image button].

    We can also edit the text of the caption [change the color of the font, "bold it", "italics" it etc] but in such a case everything goes wrong...

  16. Good suggestions, thanks!

  17. pornstarbabylon

    I wanted two pictures side by side with captions underneath both but it showed both pictures on top of each other. I edited the post and backspaced so there's no space in between the two pictures. That then made it side by side but with text from my blog post sandwiched in the middle of the two images. So now I went to Photobucket and got the pictures instead.

  18. If you want two side by side, just setting horizontal space should do the trick. Just make it so the width of the two pictures, plus twice the horizontal space on each, is equal to or slightly less than the width of the column.

  19. theparallelcampaign

    It's nice that captions support has been added, but now how do we add alternate text WITHOUT a caption? There's only one field for both.

  20. Go to html mode and delete [wp_caption id="attachment_857" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="testing the caption feature"] and also [/wp_caption]
    Alt text is still there, but the caption is gone.
    It's annoying to have to do this.

  21. theparallelcampaign

    Thanks. I also noticed that I can insert an image with a caption (which initially sets both the caption and alt text), and then go back and delete the caption in the image properties dialog -- which only deletes the caption, not the alt text. The same applies to editing a caption after you've already inserted the image -- the edits only apply to the caption, not the alt text. In fact, it looks like the only way you can edit the alt text after you've inserted the image is by directly editing the alt tag in the html code. It would be great if WordPress would separate the two fields (caption, alternate text) in the upload and edit dialogs.

  22. Yes, I just found that way too. It really would be great if there were two fields.

  23. The problem I have is when I add a caption it puts an ugly white border around the entire image (i'm using Redoable Light).

    Any ideas how to ditch the border?

  24. Yeah, I keep having to edit out, manually, the caption on an image each time I post. Or edit a post.

    That's rather a drag. Is there a way to manually turn it off?

  25. theparallelcampaign

    I've submitted the issue as I described it above to WordPress Support and requested that the fields for Caption and Alternate Text be separated -- got an e-mail reply that the suggestion will be added to the queue for consideration. That won't address darthmojo's "ugly white border" problem, however. I can see wanting to keep the captions, but using a "transparent" border and the default paragraph text color (or better yet -- allow selection of text color)....

  26. I would like the "title" , "caption" and "description" that I typed in for each image to appear. Other than the caption (which does appear when saved/published/posted) with the image, is there a way to add the text for the description next to the image (say to the right of it, if the image is left aligned)? I want to add a little blurb (beyond the caption) for a series of photos/images that I would like. That would be about 200 images. Do you think this is too many for the 3 G. capacity (without space upgrades)? Should I be doing it another way?

  27. After clicking on the image in the editor and then the image button, you can set the Alt text from the Advanced tab.

  28. I noticed today that the column alignment button was working the way it used to as well. Handy.

  29. Ugh those ugly, automatic white borders are so annoying! I can see how a caption could be useful for some pictures, but when used with all it looks kind of unprofessional, at least with my blog. Keep the feature, but don't make it automatic please!

  30. lightloch,
    You can remove the caption on any image by clicking on it in the editor, click the image button that pops up, remove the Caption text, click Update, and Save the post.

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