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Photo captions don't appear

  1. I've been having a major problem with adding captions to my embedded photos in my posts. I fill in the "Caption," "Title" and "Description" in the image settings, as supposed to, but nothing appears at all. For instance, the photo in the <i>Barry Lyndon</i> post is supposed to be captioned, "<i>Barry Lyndon.</i>"

    I'm posting this question here because I've done some major CSS changes to my template, including a complete switcheroo of the colors, and I wonder if that might have something to do with it. (But then again, I've been having this problem for a very long time.)

    Another noteworthy thing - I'm using an iPad with the Blogsy app, and so I'm wondering if adding comments isn't supported on the device? It certainly seems so, though.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't provide direct support for BLogsy, so I recommend getting in touch with them if you're having trouble.

    Have you tried our app?

  3. Yeah, I did but I didn't find any way of adding captions via there?

    Just to clarify - I post, and then I go to my WordPress dashboard to add captions. Doesn't have anything to do with external apps or anything.

  4. So can you guys help?

  5. You can definitely add captions via the iOS app now after the most recent update.

    Ok, I see the problem you're referring to. On that image, you have entered your caption into the Alternate Text field, not the Caption field.

  6. Actually I filled out all the fields, including alternative text, caption, and description. Nothing at all.

    If all fails I'll try downloading the WordPress app again, because my iPad refused downloading the latest update...

  7. The only field with information in that post is Alternate Text, the rest are blank.

    Please try filling in the Caption again.

  8. Hmm. Looks like I'm doing something wrong then. After posting, I go onto Media > Library > Edit the attached photo? Everything's filled out.

  9. Those are the defaults, the don't affect images that have already been inserted, they only affect future insertions.

    You'll need to edit to post, click on the image within the post, click the edit button (the one that doesn't look like a delete button), and enter the caption there.

  10. Ah, I see now. Is there an Html/CSS code you can give me to insert under the photo, though, because this way doesn't work very well on the iPad...

  11. Yes, you can try this next time (or just insert it with a caption using the iOS app):

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="320"]<a href=""><img class=" " src="" alt="Barry Lyndon" width="320" height="238" /></a> <em>Barry Lyndon</em>[/caption]

    Since I had to enter it anyway to get the example, I saved it for you.

  12. Thank you very much!

  13. You're welcome!

  14. Hello, me again. I found myself in an iPhone only situation...can someone clarify how to easily add image captions via the iOS app with the new upgrade, without the html code?

  15. I'm sorry I can't help with this.

    For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at

    For the ipad > you need to post to

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