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Photo Captions

  1. Or you can click over to the Code editor and just delete the stuff in square brackets.

  2. Yes, but many people have no idea what that means. For people who don't know code that's a very intimidating task. It's also very easy to delete too much or not enough of the code.

  3. I am unable to get captions to appear. could it have something to do with the theme I am using or perhaps the browser I am using?

  4. Any answer yet for the ugly ugly boxes that are around the captions? On my theme they appear in a peach/tan color, since the posting background is white. Transparent backgrounds would ROCK. I'm publishing an online magazine and I HAVE to include photo credits for each photo, just as we do in our printed publication. Captions are the best answer to this, but the enormous and unweildy box (which, you can adjust the width in the html but not the height...garh!) is irritating and makes the site look silly.

    Any updates would be useful (or tricks around this that anyone has found).


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