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    Thanks. I also noticed that I can insert an image with a caption (which initially sets both the caption and alt text), and then go back and delete the caption in the image properties dialog — which only deletes the caption, not the alt text. The same applies to editing a caption after you’ve already inserted the image — the edits only apply to the caption, not the alt text. In fact, it looks like the only way you can edit the alt text after you’ve inserted the image is by directly editing the alt tag in the html code. It would be great if WordPress would separate the two fields (caption, alternate text) in the upload and edit dialogs.


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    Yes, I just found that way too. It really would be great if there were two fields.



    The problem I have is when I add a caption it puts an ugly white border around the entire image (i’m using Redoable Light).

    Any ideas how to ditch the border?



    Yeah, I keep having to edit out, manually, the caption on an image each time I post. Or edit a post.

    That’s rather a drag. Is there a way to manually turn it off?


    I’ve submitted the issue as I described it above to WordPress Support and requested that the fields for Caption and Alternate Text be separated — got an e-mail reply that the suggestion will be added to the queue for consideration. That won’t address darthmojo’s “ugly white border” problem, however. I can see wanting to keep the captions, but using a “transparent” border and the default paragraph text color (or better yet — allow selection of text color)….


    I would like the “title” , “caption” and “description” that I typed in for each image to appear. Other than the caption (which does appear when saved/published/posted) with the image, is there a way to add the text for the description next to the image (say to the right of it, if the image is left aligned)? I want to add a little blurb (beyond the caption) for a series of photos/images that I would like. That would be about 200 images. Do you think this is too many for the 3 G. capacity (without space upgrades)? Should I be doing it another way?



    After clicking on the image in the editor and then the image button, you can set the Alt text from the Advanced tab.



    I noticed today that the column alignment button was working the way it used to as well. Handy.



    Ugh those ugly, automatic white borders are so annoying! I can see how a caption could be useful for some pictures, but when used with all it looks kind of unprofessional, at least with my blog. Keep the feature, but don’t make it automatic please!



    You can remove the caption on any image by clicking on it in the editor, click the image button that pops up, remove the Caption text, click Update, and Save the post.



    Or you can click over to the Code editor and just delete the stuff in square brackets.



    Yes, but many people have no idea what that means. For people who don’t know code that’s a very intimidating task. It’s also very easy to delete too much or not enough of the code.



    I am unable to get captions to appear. could it have something to do with the theme I am using or perhaps the browser I am using?


    Any answer yet for the ugly ugly boxes that are around the captions? On my theme they appear in a peach/tan color, since the posting background is white. Transparent backgrounds would ROCK. I’m publishing an online magazine and I HAVE to include photo credits for each photo, just as we do in our printed publication. Captions are the best answer to this, but the enormous and unweildy box (which, you can adjust the width in the html but not the height…garh!) is irritating and makes the site look silly.

    Any updates would be useful (or tricks around this that anyone has found).


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