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    Hi All,

    I have tried to read up as much as i could before i posted, but i haven’t had any luck.

    In my photo gallerys, when users click on the Photo Carousel, the bottom 5% of the pictures get cropped out.

    If i zoom out on my browser, then i can see the entire photo, but most users will not do that.

    On my photos i have watermarks.. so the fact the Photo Carousel crops the bottom sometimes means that watermarks get cropped out slightly.

    Any help on how to stop the bottom of the images betting slightly cropped in the Photo Carousel?


    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t help with this but I have flagged this thread an another thread on the same issue for Staff attention.



    In fact this started to happen from today, as far as I noticed.

    And it happens since at the bottom of the any photo from the carousel two new fields showed up:
    write a comment view full size

    So, wordpress people, thank you for hosting my blog, but could you check all implications before making an ”improvement”?



    As it could be realted to your issue please see what Staff ie: iammattthomas has been saying in this thread ie. the carousel feature, images features, gallery, etc. are being upgraded and there has been no announcement in the offical blog as yet >


    I have noticed this issue on my blog.
    Please fix it WordPress!


    Thanks for reporting this guys! It should be fixed now.

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