Photo Carousel (Gallery) Slidebar Not Functioning

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    Hi! I’m using iTheme2, and when you open the photo gallery, the vertical scroll bar on the right-hand side doesn’t work, which prevents people from reading descriptions beneath the photos or leaving comments. I know that the “arrow down” key on the keyboard works, but the average reader isn’t going to guess that.

    Help? Suggestions? Fixes?

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    Just to let you know that this observation about the scroll bar in the Image Carousel has been previously made and does not appear to be a priority concern since both the keyboard down arrow and the mouse scroll wheel will bring a visitor to the lower area of the screen.


    Thanks for your response, Jennifer. However, it seems to me that a programming error that more than one member has complained about should be treated as a priority, however minor they may deem it. And it’s not minor to me: Everyone who has looked at my carousel either said that that they didn’t know there were additional descriptions, or asked where and how they could comments.

    If you’re connected with WordPress, please bend someone’s ear. I’d really appreciate it–and so would other carousel users. Thank you!



    How do you set up the carousel and where is the promised “Theme Option Panel”?

    thanks for any help…

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