Photo carousels only work one time each time the page is loaded.

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    How do I get the photo carousels on my blog page: working? Here’s what happens: when the page is freshly loaded the first serials of any photo clicked on runs the carousel perfectly – but after xing out of that carousel and clicking on any photo just a single photo is brought up – no carousel. Thanks for your support!
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    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry, I meant, “series” and not “serials”.



    Certainly is odd! I’m experiencing what you describe as well.

    Are each of those “galleries” on a separate (hidden) page and then displayed together on your Gallery page?



    I’m going to go ahead and tag this for staff attention.



    Hm, it looks like you have a separate gallery instance for each line. We’re looking into the issue now and will post here when we know more.



    @macmanx-I can also confirm that this is happening on my Gallery page on Random Acts as well

    Those photos are being displayed from different posts on my site by using the Post ID number.



    Wow! I’m glad I checked for replies before calling it a night – you all are fast!

    Yes, in reply to justjennifer, my galleries are on separate pages (using Post ID number). It may be important to note that I only recently started having this problem. I believe this started for me on June 27th after adding additional photo galleries to this page. A side note: when a viewer opens one of my newer galleries the camera information is also being display but no camera information is displayed for my older galleries.



    @macmanx-This behavior is also happening on any Gallery, not just those using Post ID number.

    @marymaude-it’s not just you. :) This seems to be a general change or disruption to how Galleries display.

    EXIF metadata will only appear if the image contains it when uploaded. You can turn off the display of this metadata under Dashboard>Settings>Media >Image Galleries

    You’ll probably want to read this forum thread


    similar problem to those mentioned but in my case when I click the thumbnail image, I’m taken to a single image on either the Image File or the attachment page, not the gallery carousel I used to get up until a couple of weeks ago.

    The gallery carousel appears okay when I view my site on an iPad, so maybe I need to look at IE9.0 or its settings.

    Blog URL –



    Yes, this appears to be affecting all posts/pages using the Gallery/Carousel feature.

    My thought is that there’s some background tinkering going on by Staff. So I’m just going to sit tight until there’s a new reply from them.


    Thanks for reporting this bug — it should be fixed now.



    LOL! Thank you iammattthomas, justjennifer, & yermandownunder. I’m laughing because in the time it took me to write all the wonging stuff going on with my WP site today everything got fixed. Yes, there must have been background tinkering going on. AND, all is well – my site is working again. Cool turn-around time on my initial question.


    Thank you iammattthomas, very quick turnaround!


    Great! Glad to hear you’re back up and running; our apologies for the bug.

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