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Photo changes

  1. Worked like a charm, raincoaster! You are my favourite person today! LOL!! :)

    Ok.. to get my pics in properly, I started out with "visual' when I started my post.. typed in my text, then went to "add media".. insert my pic, then hit "HTML".. when it switched over to HTML, I highlighted my picture HTML, hit (right click on your mouse) copy/cut, and then inserted (right click and hit paste) my html below text. It did take longer than my loving little tree button, but, it worked! And beggars can't be choosers.. ;)

    So... i'm happy! But I really would love my little tree button back... lol! So let's hope the WordPress 'Gods' put it back for us.. ;)

  2. Thanks! That's not exactly what I meant, but it works just fine.

    Well, I'd like to think they will at least improve what they've done to the point where it works at least as well as that. But I wouldn't set my heart on getting the old icon back. I don't care what the solution looks like, as long as there is one that works and someone tells us about it.

  3. Too bad about the 'tree icon', but... onwards and upwards then! ;) Least it works.. i'll be happy for that! :)

  4. embellishingexperiments

    I can't get any photos to upload and I don't know html from h-e-l-l ----- any help out there for a newbie? I am not using Flicker.

  5. Take a look through these threads to see if your specific problem has already been reported and a workaround found. If not, please give us more details, including your browser, version, where you experience the failure, and what it looks like.

  6. embellishingexperiments

    Thanks for the quick reply and the help. I looked at the forums you linked and after adjusting the tools setting on firefox the photos uploaded easily. Thanks again.

  7. Glad to hear it got resolved so quickly!

  8. Glad to hear it got resolved so quickly!

  9. beyondelsewhere

    Well I am glad I found this thread, because I have been more than frustrated today trying to align my photos in my posts. It's a book blog and I like to have the photo of the book I am reviewing in the post. Silly me!
    I miss the Tree Icon, and I have sort of found a way to get around this lack of aligning with the new "Add Media" method of inserting the photo.

    But I HATE this new format. If this is what is going to happen with the next WordPress upgrade I don't think I will upgrade at all. (my main blog is hosted on my own server).

    I am not amused. :(

  10. I can post pictures, but the pics end up on the top before all my text when I try to instert them (let me know if this doesn't make sense, the way I tried to explain it).

  11. So are we getting the tree icon back which is simple as can be and less time consuming, or are we stuck copying and pasting codes like nimrods?

  12. This morning I added the image alignment classes to all of the themes that were missing them. If you have a theme that still is not working properly with the images, let us know.

  13. I use the Garland theme and I still cannot get images in my blog.

  14. You need to be more specific about the failure: there are at least a half-dozen different kinds of "can't get images in the blog" failures, all with different solutions. Also, cruise through this thread and see if any of the solutions here fix your problem.

  15. @ drfunkenberry, my best guess is that that tree got clearcut and won't be coming back. If you can't get images into your post, contact staff, and if you are having trouble formatting, try the Mountain icon (on the image itself) with the Advanced tab.

  16. Why, oh why, does WP feel the need to complicate things? Every change isn't an improvement. In fact, trying to get an image uploaded and aligned is practically a nightmare.

    I'm using Sandbox and I can upload an image, insert it into the post, but can't align it to save my life. I was using the tree icon as a workaround, but we shouldn't even have to have workarounds with today's technology.

    Fix it please!

  17. Use the column alignment buttons. That's what I've always used. And let staff know you're having trouble with the standard alignment options using the Mountain icon.

    (I swear to god Adobe must have bought them all Ducatis or something; I can't account for these changes otherwise)

  18. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom

    Does anybody know if we can get the tree back right now by paying for an upgrade? If so, how much does it cost and how do we do it? These time-consuming workarounds don't work for me.

    I am somewhat unclear from these posts whether the green tree is or isn't coming back. Can anybody clarify this?

  19. Ugh! I upload photos to flickr so I can blog anywhere, not just at my own computer, and this is making life hellish! I'm no html wiz, and I really don't want to move my blog. Let us all hope the green tree comes back, or the new media-adder gets fixed asap!

  20. You cannot pay for the tree to come back. I'm not staff, but my best guess is that it is never coming back.

    If you have the ability to get the Upload box to open in the first place, you can use Flickr or Photobucket or whatever; you put the URL of the image in where it says From URL and that hotlinks to that photo.

    The missing tree is a huge problem only for those who cannot get the Upload box to work because it's cut off or to open in the first place. They all have to use code, currently.

  21. Come to think of it, Photobucket at least GIVES you the code you need. They give you four different codes under each image. You need the HTML code that starts with the pointy brackets and img. Then just paste it in your HTML editor, click back to Visual, and you can blog away and format, too, without dealing with code.

  22. We just pushed out some bug fixes that should take care of the Insert into Post bug where the media window turns white. Can everyone try it out and let us know if you still have problems?

  23. It works for me. Everything's fine, I've uploaded a pic with the URL. Thanks.

  24. I have been watching this thread with interest because I loved that little green tree and I have been at a loss since it disappeared. So I did some research and some testing and found a work-around. Because it needs a little HTML and I know there are those who are HTML-phobic, I have used images and screen shots and all that sort of stuff and put it on my blog - I won't post a link because that is sorta spammy and I'm trying to feel righteous in my first attempt at being a volunteer - even if I do seem to be too late.

    If it has gone off the front page - just search for "wordpress image wrap arounds"

  25. I'll admit-I'm not 'computer literate' but manage two pretty good blogs. Today I was faced with the new changes to posting photos (the absence of the "Tree" icon). After many attempts (and much frustration), I read all the 85 posts about this problem in this 'forum'. I decided that I might as well add my 2 cents to the comments, to Support. It wasn't 30 minutes later a very nice person named Nick emailed me with help...not one email, but about FOUR! I'm very pleased with the degree of 'instant' help he provided. After I wrote that I'd attempt to sort through the computer explanation he provided, he emailed me back: "If you don't understand, please let us know." (and even inserted a smilie face!) To some that might not mean much, but to me (who knows VERY LITTLE about computering) it let me know that there really ARE people behind WordPress...willing people who actually help me!

  26. That's Nick about three posts up.

    Archie, I'm sure it would be okay if you dropped your link. People are desperate!

  27. I still want the tree back.

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