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Photo changes

  1. That's fine, as long as you realize it will not happen.

  2. Why did they take the try icon? Now I can't position my images so the text wraps around it
    oh well I guess it's another reason why I should use WLW more often...

  3. Nice I like the new image edit feature has more options the the tree icon
    I also like how you can preview it before you save the changes... :)

  4. See? you have to play around with the new stuff before you conclude it's inferior to the old stuff!

  5. Boy, I'm glad that 2cm tree with it's 1-click access to common image formatting was removed and I can now use the oh-so convenient and user-friendly Media Thing that lets me make 3 times the clicks to do the same thing. I know that space will be used for farms or something cool and the doctor says all those extra clicks should help me keep my fingers slim and trim!

    I love you, WordPress gang, but please, please, please don't sacrifice simplicity and usability for shiny things.

  6. This really really sucks. Please bring back the tree. The new thing
    1: isn't visible in the cool full screen mode
    2: is much bigger in screen size and slower to load
    3: is broken - when I enter a url and descrption then press enter I get an error and everything disappears.
    Lousy lousy lousy. WordPress - this is the first step that you have made in the wrong direction. I feel it is becasue you are trying to make us use your own picture storage mechanism, which is against the ethos you have portrayed until now.

  7. Color me totally confused by the changes being made to the Visual Editor.

    While the Tree (Insert Image) may be gone, after pressing the "Show/Hide Kitchen Sink" icon and in full screen mode, a new (at least to me) icon appears for "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" which allows you to insert flash, shockwave, etc.

    The icon only shows up in the above configuration.

  8. I see it without full screen mode. I don't know if it works yet.

  9. Interesting. I never use full screen mode so I hadn't seen that icon. And it doesn't show up for me except in full screen mode.

  10. My default is "more icons" rather than fewer so maybe that's the issue? I'm noticing that other issues are looking for defaults, eg when I go to post it tries to do the Browser Version first...but I always have to click to make it work, regardless of what it says.

  11. My default is the same. Maybe it is browser-specific? I'm using FF

  12. I'm using the same version.

  13. Truthfully, I don't regret the "tree icon". It works perfectly for me. Hope you guys will get used to it.

  14. @nbakingdom-I don't think "getting used to it" is the problem. Since the upgrade in April, for a large number of users the "new" image uploader simply doesn't work. That is the problem.

  15. @justjennifer,
    What isn't working about the new uploader for you?

  16. @mtdewvirus-Thankfully (knock wood), for me the new uploader works fine. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my reply to nbakingdom that it wasn't me specifically having a problem.

  17. I LOVE WordPress - I'm a total WordPress fanboy - But the tree needs to come back!

    This is awful!

    Jim Connolly

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