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Photo clicking

  1. How can someone end up on a photo on a post? What I mean is, on the stat page, in the list of visitors to posts, one of my photos is popping up as if it is a destination. I don't see how that is possible.

    Maybe all it means is people are clicking on the photo to enlarge it (but it does not enlarge)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google image search is your answer.

  3. The photo is probably in Google Images and people are coming through that way, if they click through from Google Images it will show on your blog stats.

  4. Oops forgot to refresh sorry timethief :)

  5. Just a minute now. Do you mean it's displaying in clicks?

  6. @thegiddygoat
    good morning :)

  7. Good afternoon to you timethief :)

  8. Ah, that must be it, the Google thing. Thanks. Not that it really matters, but it was driving me crazy not being able to figure it out.

  9. A related issue: On stats page, under "Referrers" I find the strangest sites. For ex., today a site on hating alcohol was listed, and so was an audio music store. I could find nothing, nada, nil, on these pages that would lead anyone to my blog. The second one, the music store, might possibly connect to a post of mine about John Lennon's birthday that was viewed today--but I have no idea how! Anyone?

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